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Hello! I’m Nicole Floss and the founder of Uniquely Women. I have been writing for over 4 years empowering women from all walks of life to create a life they are proud of and inspiring them to cherish the little things.

I’m also the founder of the Social Media Management Business, Social Boutique! I believe every brand has a story to tell. I help create strategic campaigns to help businesses gain meaningful awareness. Some other passions of mine include chai tea, flea markets, my fiance, JJ & my two dachshunds, Bogey and Maverick.

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Cami Miller with Wife Is A Journey

I’m Cami, a newlywed sharing my thrifting adventures, clean-eating recipes, DIY attempts, nonsense and simple living with a healthy dose of grace.

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Contributors - Uniquely Women

Laura Saxby with Living For The Now

Hey there! I’m Laura, a lifestyle blogger and marketing manager from the UK who is slightly addicted to coffee, Old Hollywood and cats. My blog, Living for the Now, was created to inspire and motivate others to think positively and to enjoy the little things. Come say hi!

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Kasey Milner with Thee Girl In Yellow

A Midwest blogger for ‘Thee Girl in Yellow’, a website and blog based on finding chic and affordable style for THEE every girl. Kasey has a true passion for great style and a love for the color yellow! Hence, how her blog name came to be ‘Thee Girl in Yellow.”

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Beth Barden with designPOST Interiors

Hi! I’m Beth Barden and designPOST interiors is a culmination of all of the creative energy that has driven me most of my life.  I am a decorator, blogger, and all around interiors junkie!  When I am not working on client projects I am busy with the ever-evolving project that is my house and I document it all (+ more!) on my blog.  I live in Charlotte with my husband and three kids and can usually be found roaming local stores hitting up a mexican restaurant or hanging out at our house for movie night.

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Alyssa Coleman with Alyssa Coleman Wellness

Alyssa is a Holistic Nutritionist, founder of Alyssa Coleman Wellness, and the creator of the Anti-Diet Protocol. Her mission is to support free-spirited #bossbabes have the body they want and a life they love while they follow their dreams. Learn more about Alyssa, and access her free training here.  

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Amy Valle with Bloom & Zest

Hi, i’m Amy, a wellness dietitian based out of Dallas Tx. I take an intuitive/mindful approach to eating and believe that any and every food can fit into a balanced lifestyle. I enjoy celebrating most things and making ordinary stuff a bit more special. I love nothing more than a slow meal, a dry red wine, a thought-provoking song, and a genuine soul. oh and I really like baking + designing cakes. let’s be friends, yeah?

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Julia Esch with Girl Meets Kitchen

Hi! Julia here from Girl Meets Kitchen, an online collection of some of my favorite recipes. My passion for cooking & baking was inspired by growing up in the kitchen with my grandmother and mom. When I was just a little girl, in a kitchen.

Although I’ve been in the kitchen experimenting as long as I can recall, it was after the birth of my oldest daughter that my journey in food really took flight. Both of our girls had severe reflux and food intolerances, which led me to diving into the quality of ingredients in the food we ate. The end result has produced a more intent focus on cooking with quality ingredients, but keeping recipes approachable + delicious.

Saved by grace. Wife, Mom + Food enthusiast with a passion for sharing love through my kitchen. My goal is to recreate favorite foods with real ingredients.

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Kimi Wakamoto from Kimi Collective

Hi there! I’m Kimi Wakamoto and I am the creative behind The Kimi Collective, a calligraphy and design studio. The Kimi Collective first started as a creative outlet from my 9-5 day job but as time went on, my hobby became my passion. I’m so thankful to be able to put a little love in letters everyday! When I’m not crossing every t or dotting every i, you can find me in a pilates studio or on a new adventure. I love connecting with others so let’s get in touch!

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