“EAT”Kitchen Decor

I came across these E A T  paper mache letters and just needed – yes needed – to incorporate them into our kitchen. Our forest green kitchen walls could use some light accents…. so ivory is what I went for.

photo 1 (1) I used krylon spray paint.  There a million different types of kylon paint – I know it overwhelms you when you walk into a store and have no idea what kind to get. Gloss or satin will work out the best on paper mache!

photo 3 (1)


They took less than 10  minutes to dry. I spray painted them in my garage (in this Iowa weather – very chilly) but once done, I moved them inside to dry.  The drying process will be a lot faster in an environment between 50-70 degrees.

To hang them you could use 3M wall mounting tape.  We painted our walls a couple months ago and would rather use some small nails to hold them up.  One nice thing about these paper mache letters – they are lightweight! Those 3M strips will easily be able to hold them up.

This project took a total of 25 min. Easy peasy! ~Nicole

photo 5

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