Startup Monday – Apricot Lane Coralville

A new women’s clothing store, Apricot Lane Boutique opened last October in Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville, Iowa.

Christina Otte is the owner & buyer of the Coralville Boutique.  She turned her love of fashion into a business.  The store features a changing mix of new merchandise including clothing, shoe and accessories.

Apricot Lane offers fashions for teens through women in their 50s. The store gets new shipments almost daily and orders about six of each item. The fashion-forward merchandise is offered at affordable prices. Christina and her team of employees was very welcoming and have a wide variety of clothing items to choose from.



Interview with Christina Otte – Owner & Buyer at Apricot Lane Coralville:

It was great to sit down one-on-one with Christina and hear her story and how Apricot Lane came to be. Make sure to either head to Coral Ridge Mall or use the Online Form to purchase clothing from her shop!

Tell us about Apricot Lane in Coralville (How long have you been open, where is it, etc.)

We have been open since October 2014.  We are located in Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville, Iowa.  You can find us also on Facebook at Apricot Lane Coralville and follow us on Instagram  or on Twitter

What made you decide to open a store front?

It sounds very cliche but since I was a little girl I have always have fashion and dressing up. So why not open your own boutique. (HA HA)  Also,  I love the satisfaction in helping someone find something in the store and put together a head to toe outfit for them.

What is the concept behind the store?

The concept behind Apricot Lane is to specialize in bringing fashion forward trends to women of all ages.  The trends come straight from downtown Los Angeles.  As the buyer, I hand pick all the items that you see in the store.  The advantage of this is, if the customer sees something on Instagram or Pinterest.  We have the advantage to order it and carry it in the store.


How do you find designers you showcase in your shop?

I find designers in several different ways.  One, I travel to LA three to four times per year and shop the fashion district.  I also go to a HUGE fashion show in Las Vegas twice a year.  Another way, is a have designers email their upcoming lines for the new season.

what are your 3 favorite things in the store?

Three favorite things in the store are:


  1. Is my employees, without them I could not do this and they are amazing.
  2. I love to see the transition of the colors from season to season.  This is my favorite time of year so customers will see late summer styles that can easily be transitioned into fall.
  3. The look and feel of the store,  we recently added a new fitting room and changed the paint color.  The change has been a breath of fresh air and makes the space feel more open and has the sense of “home” feel.

Who inspires your style?

I have several of those!! HA HA  One would be Rachel Zoe; she has always had that classic boho chic look that I absolutely adore.  Another personal favorite is the classic clean look.  I love a good collared shirt with skinny jeans and a great pair of heels.

What are your favorite places to shop?

I love the smaller boutiques around the country that have the same concept as Apricot Lane.  They too also carry pieces that are not in high supply like Forever 21 or like a department store.  It makes so,  you are an original and not every women is wearing the same thing as you.


Check Out Apricot Lane in Coralville:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

 Use this Shopping Form to purchase all clothing items online.  Buy Apricot Lane clothes in the comfort of your own home.  Win, Win!


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