Vanilla Cake With Mascarpone Whipped Cream

Amy Valle is the gal behind the blog –  Bloom & Zest.  She is also a wellness dietitian based out of Dallas, TX.  Below, she shares her recipe for a delicious vanilla cake with mascarpone whipped cream.  Enjoy, friends!

Summer has officially ended, and I’m more than okay with this truth. Maybe it’s because I’m from Texas. Maybe it’s because fall + winter can’t be beat. I think the only thing I’ll miss about the season is the fresh fruit and, eh, maybe that one day at the pool. That’s even pushing it. SO, in honor of kissing summer and all of its fresh berries goodbye, I made a really delightful vanilla cake with mascarpone whipped cream + berries to share with you all.  

Vanilla Cake With Mascarpone Whipped Cream


Although it’s sad to see the berries go forth, seasonal fruit is kind of cool. It’s like a gentle nudge from Mother Nature reminding us that she can’t be controlled, have a little patience, and wait for something good. You could totally eat berries out of season but it won’t be the same. They will be underwhelming and too tart. Who really has time for that kind of life? Not me. Not you. Not anyone.

Vanilla Cake With Mascarpone Whipped Cream

Anyhow, I love this cake (yeah, love) in and of itself because it’s light, soft, such a blank canvas. I 100% recommend pairing it with a simple whipped cream – the cake is too sweet for a buttercream or anything of the sort so don’t even think about it. A 2-layer cake really isn’t necessary unless you’re going for the drama. If you want to decrease prep time – the cake will be just as stunning as a 1-layer cake with a bunch of cream and heaping pile of fruit on top. This recipe makes ~ 3 (8 inch) layers – 2 are in the photos and the last layer was eaten on a whim at like midnight with some thrown together whipped cream + freezer-burn berries on top. Spontaneous cake is just its own kind of special, you feel me? To tell you the truth, this cake is good enough, moist enough, strong enough, to eat on its own. I definitely snacked on scraps throughout the week. Also, since berries are on their way out the door, you could easily just use the bananas and a little cinnamon…or pears could be interesting. OH, what if you caramelized the pears w/some cinnamon and sugar to soften them up a bit? I like the sound of that.





unsalted butter, 2 sticks, softened

vegetable oil, ½ c.

sugar, 3 c.

eggs, room temp, 5 whole + 1 yolk

ap flour, 3 c.

baking powder, 2 tsp

salt, ¼ tsp

buttermilk, room temp, ¾ c.

whole milk, room temp, ¼ c.

vanilla bourbon extract, (I use neilson massey brand), 1 tsp

almond extract, 1 tsp



heavy whipping cream, 2 c.

mascarpone cheese, 1 c.

sugar, 1 c.

almond extract, ½ tsp



strawberries, 1 c.

blueberries, 1 c.

banana, sliced


sugar, 2-3 tbsp



Preheat oven to 350 F // Prepare 3 round cake pans *

Cream together butter, oil, sugar until light + fluffy (5-7 minutes)

Add eggs, one at a time

Whisk together flour, baking powder, salt // set aside

Combine milks and extracts // set aside

Alternate whisking in flour + milks into butter mixture – starting with flour/ending with flour

Mix until just combined

Divvy up cake batter into the cake pans

Bake until toothpick barely comes out clean ~25 min.

Be sure to not overcook these babes or they will dry out !!



Whisk heavy cream until soft peaks start to form // Add sugar and beat until stiff peaks form

Fold in mascarpone cream and extract



Layer cake w/cream, fruit mix, sprinkle w/ cinnamon

Top with second layer of cake

Repeat w/ cream, fruit, cinnamon


*prepare cake pans – cut parchment rounds for bottom of pans, butter bottom of pan so parchment round will stick, place parchment on bottom of pan, re-butter pan + sides of pan, dust with flour

{ extra cake pointers – do not over-mix, do not over-bake, bring ingredients to room temperature first, brush cake layers with simple syrup if you have the time to add a little extra moisture }


Vanilla Cake With Mascarpone Whipped Cream


And how about I leave you with that cheeeeeesy cheese F. Scott Fitzgerald quote you see floating around this time of year? “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” Call me basic, but I’m really feeling that this year. I’m thankful for a relentless summer that has taught me all sorts of stuff, and I have never been more ready for that incomparable fall air. How does it never get old and tired? I need to know the trick.

So please join me in sending summer and its berries off in style for yet another year. We’ll miss you a little but it’s for the best. Thanks for hanging.

XO amy




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