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How To Use A Label Printer To Simplify Your Life

Paper filing has always been a struggle for me. Finding the perfect solution to simplify that process is important. I can’t tell you how much time it has saved me so far. Keeping my personal and business files organized and easily accessible was vital. I definitely needed something simple and streamlined. I have put together a file folder organization holder utilizing my Epson Portable Label Printer. Learn how to use a label printer to simplify your life below!

I’ve tried filing folders in filing cabinets, but that didn’t work that great for me. I would get overwhelmed with the chaos of the cabinet and therefore never bother keeping it organized. I found this handy white file organizer that fit perfectly on the wall by my office desk from Ikea ( go figure :)) I also found these cute patterned file folders in the Target dollar bin. *Score!* I categorized my pile of papers in 6 file folders. This helped with not feeling so overwhelmed.

I took a look at the papers that I had laying around that needed organizing. The categories I came up with that would help the most are: Blog Notes, Menu Planning, Coupons, Taxes, Bill to Pay, and Misc. (for all the random papers that don’t fit into one of the prior categories.) These are the categories that work for me, but figure out what would work best for you and your family and give it a whirl!

You can utilize the Epson Label Printer from your computer or your phone! It can connect via bluetooth as well! It offers a lot of different ways I can customize labeling around the house. I can choose various fonts, font sizes, etc. There are a variety of symbols and borders to choose from to customize your labels!

This Epson Portable Label Printer can also print date labels for food items, QR code labels, or labels to organize cables. You can even create ribbons for gifts! How fancy is that?!

Using the Epson Portable Label Printer – I can print labels from anywhere: my PC, Mac, phone or tablet! You can download the Epson iLabel app for Android or iOS and you’ve got labels on the go! I had those labels printed out in seconds. It was super easy to install and print out – I was amazed! The printer is operated on batteries and/or an included AC adapter for use right at your desk.

The Epson LabelWorks printer is normally $99.00 – but you can use the discount code LW25SAV, and save 25%!

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10 Ideas For The Perfect Galentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, it’s time to start planning! Valentine’s day is always one of my favorite holidays, because it’s all about celebrating love of all kinds: from love for a little someone special to love for your family and gal pals. If you don’t have anything swoon-worthy planned for this February 14th, consider Galentine’s Day – a celebration of all the wonderful ladies in your life.

Here are a few simple, but unique ideas to put a little girl power in the most romantic day of the year and make your Galentine’s Day grand.

10 Ideas For Galentine’s Day

  • Host Brunch. Include heart-shaped waffles (I’m a sucker for anything heart-shaped), boozy beverages, donuts – everything needed for a sugar-high feast. Try this heart-shaped waffle iron


  • Spend the Day at IKEA Yes, I love Ikea – as you can see from my recent post! Spend your Galentine’s Day getting lost in the giant maze of Ikea – gathering decor items for your new apt/home. Make sure to hit up their famous swedish meatballs in the process.
  • DANCE PARTY! – A night with the girls isn’t complete without a full roster of Katy Perry, Beyonce, and the like.
  • Write Uplifting Notes – grab a bowl and write down a note of something you love about every one of your girlfriends. Pour yourselves a glass and read them all. Tissue boxes needed!
  • Give Back – Help others in need! Grab your girlfriends and give back to the community. Head to your nearest dog shelter and volunteer your time walking dogs or your local women’s shelter dedicating time to others in need.
  • Have a baking party – Whip up some quick and easy desserts! Some favorite 3- Ingredient Recipes:

Red Velvet Cookies

Peanut Butter Cookies

  • DIY Party! Try out new snazzy cocktails. Turn your kitchen into a bar for the night – Mix up one…or two of these snazzy Valentine’s Day Cocktails. Go all out – Send invites, grab flowers, and create a DIY project for everyone to partake in. Some Inspiration!


  • Have a serious throwback and host a gal’s Slumber Party – Complete with spiked hot chocolate, fuzzy socks, and matching pajamas.
  • Make Your Own Sushi – Sometimes making food from scratch is more fun. Head to your local store and stock up on sushi rice, seaweed, sesame seeds, and any veggies/meat/condiments you want to add. My favorite ingredient – avocado! Or try out this beginner’s sushi kit. It can be a challenge, but you and your girlfriends can put your heads together to create the perfect roll!
  • Binge watch V-Day movies – Break out the full repertoire of Ryan Gosling (Notebook and all), pop some popcorn and snuggle in. Try out a sappy flick like P.S. I Love You or the always-classic Love Actually. Old Hollywood options like Casablanca and Breakfast at Tiffany’s are always a hit!

However you’re spending this Valentine’s day or Galentine’s day, be sure to fill it with love. If you’re planning a low-key night at home or you and your squad are heading out to paint the town red, I hope these ideas help you on your way to the best Galentine’ day yet! How are you celebrating this Galentine’s day? Have any ideas or suggestions? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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How to Plan Out Your Life For Success

As I’ve gotten older, the more obligations and responsibilities (although I really did believe my 12-year-old obligations were legit & super serious.) There are to-do lists galore, a house to maintain, two dog to take care of, etc. I find that keeping my life ultra-organized helps me stay at least a little sane. I lean to my XO Planner for leading a more organized life. Read on friends – learn how to plan out your life for success.

Some people may think that writing down anything and everything is unnecessary or way too much, but to each their own. I need everything written out & in front of my face to feel comfortable with the day’s events. Writing out yearly goals helps keep me accountable. What’s even better? Print off your goals and plaster it on your fridge.

If you’re anything like me, it more than likely gives you satisfaction to have each part of the day planned out seamlessly, too. I even have ‘planned’ time to do unplanned (fun) activities.

I take planner shopping oddly seriously. I like to have an agenda with a decent amount of space to write in every day’s plans, a place to write notes in for the week, a section for ‘to-dos’, and a page to get an overview of the entire month.

Here are some tips that might help you plan out your life for success:

  • Use a color-coded system. Have one color for all personal things, another color for each of your business planning, one for appointments, etc.
  • Keep Post-it notes on each day for the next week to jot things down before writing it permanently on the page to avoid confusion if things change.
  • Make sure to keep the to-do list doable so you won’t feel overwhelmed!

I leave my planner and calendar open on the breakfast table every morning. While I eat breakfast I check both and get organized for the upcoming day’s activities and goals. My XO Planner has been a life-saver. It is well organized with a special section for goal setting, bucket list, and a notes page. It even has monthly inspirational quotes throughout.

When starting off the new year, this planner has been a great way to write out my thoughts, goals, and notes for the day ahead.

How do you plan out your life for success?