Things You Need to See in Glacier Park

Ice sheet National Park is one of the most remarkable parks in the USA. The wonderful scene that the Park is arranged in is exceptional and staggering. Besides, the recreation center has numerous lakes that make the spot much really fascinating. This is a spot that has a ton to bring to the table that will make your visit fabulous and loaded with extraordinary recollections. The absolute most captivating things that you ought to remember for your Glacier National Park schedule will be examined beneath.

Ice sheet.

This is one of the elements that carry many individuals to this park. Notwithstanding, the icy mass blurs inside the briefest time conceivable, and in this manner, many arrange their visit adequately early to find the glacial masses. There are icy mass spots that can be visited since not the entirety of the locales can be effectively open. Visiting these spots requires climbs and you ought to be fit to make your visit effective. A portion of the spots one can visit are Salamander Glacier, Grinnell Glacier, and Jackson Glacier.

Visit Avalanche Lake.

This lake shows up in the most delightful pictures in Glacier National Park. The lake gives a landscape worth anyone’s time. Aside from the spectacular and completely clear water, you’ll have the option to a few mountain tops causing the spot to have a pleasuring appeal to its vacationers. Besides, there are a few cascades in the district that you can visit. To encounter a portion of the secret fortunes of the universe, Avalanche Lake is a spot for you.


This incorporates one of the top exhilarant highlights that the Glacier National Park has to bring to the table. The street is a 50-mile drive exciting in its perspective. The street goes through the mountains while very nearly the bluff which is very shocking. Besides, the street is brimming with exciting bends in the road making it even brimming with rushes and spills. The street seems as though one is driving towards the sun, and this is the thing that travelers come to investigate.

Visit Fishercap Lake.

In the event that you’re anticipating investigating natural life, Fishercap is the most ideal spot for you. While here, you’ll discover moose taking care of and swimming in bounty. You should take pictures of what this spot has to bring to the table since it’s the best nature has to bring to the table in this piece of the world. The current mountains make the place even have a huge scene. This is one of the lakes that you can undoubtedly access in the recreation center and consequently is simpler to investigate.

St. Mary’s Falls.

The cascades offer a rare encounter. The water is in monstrous power. You’ll cherish the manner in which the water moves hitting the stones so hard and going through them. The shade of the water makes the spot look so fantastic. This is the spot you’ll very much want to investigate in case you are in for cascades.

These are probably the best components that you should investigate at whatever point you’re in Glacier National Park. There are other captivating components present in Park, however, the ones recorded ought to be on your agenda.

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12 Tips For Packing A Carry-On

Packing is always one of the most difficult parts of getting ready to go on your trip. There’s always the stress of forgetting something important or the fear of losing your checked luggage! Don’t fret, these 12 easy tips for packing a carry-on will make your packing process a breeze so you can focus on other things [like getting a great tan!]

1. Do Your Research And Plan Ahead

Always remember to check the airline guides prior to packing so you can get an idea of just what to bring. Some airlines have very strict weight restrictions while some are more lenient! Weigh your bag ahead of time so you don’t have to deal with the stress of repacking at the airport.

2. Packing Items That will Work Double-Duty

Pack simple items that can do double-duty. Think black or blue denim, basic shirts, and maybe a statement sweater or two. Packing simple clothes that mix and match well will give you many outfit options so you won’t have to stress over what to wear. Have your fun with accessories! Several small necklaces or some large earrings will take up way less space.

3. Be Realistic

Are you really going to wear those heels? Do you need that many sweaters if you’re heading somewhere tropical? Take a look at the weather before you head out. ALSO – Pack your make-up strategically. Opt for a few key products you use frequently instead of your full arsenal. Make note of items that may wrinkle too. Fabrics like wool, cotton and denim will travel a lot better than silk!

4. Get Creative With Old Items

We all have those old containers lying around – so get creative! Grab an old Tic-Tac container and use it to store your bobby pins. Put necklaces on straws to keep them from getting all tangled in your bag or wrap them in plastic wrap to prevent them from catching on your clothes. Try using an old pill container to store your rings and earrings! The options are endless!

5. Pack Strategically

No square inch of your suitcase should go unused! Fill every empty space with something. Roll up your socks and stuff them into your shoes and snake belts around the outside of your suitcase.

Pack Strategically

6. Rolling Your Clothes

If you haven’t rolled your clothes before, it’s a serious space-saving tip! Fold your clothes like you normally would, but instead of packing them folded, start rolling up at one end, pressing the air out of the garment as you roll. It’s a simple way to pack your clothes neatly and efficiently, and doesn’t wrinkle them! These vacuum seal bags make traveling a lot easier and more efficient!

7. Limiting The Amount Of Shoes

I hate to say it, but you really don’t need more than two – three pairs of shoes! One pair for walking around and one dressier pair for your night activities should suffice! Pick a neutral pair that will match any outfit you pack.

8. Gals pack dresses

Heading away with girlfriends? Since dresses are light, they’re also a great way to get a full outfit without taking up a lot of space in your bag.

9. Never Leave Without A Survival Kit

A survival kit is the key to easy travel! I recommend ear plugs, necessary medicine, headphones, a map, and a few cleansing wipes. If you are anything like me – I have a hard time with the air pressure, so I always have Ear Planes handy with me. They have been a lifesaver!! Reading material is a great idea too. Limit yourself to a book, a few magazines, or an e-reader. Heavy reading materials will only bring back ache lugging it around the airport and take up a lot of unnecessary room in your carry-on! Keep a photocopy of your passport or I.D. and an emergency credit card in your survival kit – just in case!

10. Is it Essential?

Do you really need it? Some things you could pack in excess are accessories, clothing, and technology. Think about your activities and what you will be doing on your trip. Remember – what you pack is what you will be dragging around the airport, so think light!

11. Pack Your Valuables

Limit the number of valuables you have on you. Pack only the essentials in your carry on. This includes the things you can’t live without during your travel along with a few essentials in case your luggage gets misplaced.

12. Toiletries Are A Must!

Pack a selection of essential toiletries in your carry-on. If your checked bag gets lost, it may be several days before they retrieve it. I recommend a toothbrush, face wash, and contact solution or medication if needed. If your toiletries only come in large containers, pick up some small, empty, containers from your local drugstore and fill them three quarters of the way. Filling them any further will overflow under the pressure! To make it easier getting through security, have all your toiletries in a separate, clear plastic ziplock bag. Remember, all liquids must be under 100mL as per ACSTA restrictions! [Source]

Browse my favorite carry-on bags and over-sized travel totes for your next get-away!


Trip Details & Tips: Dominican Republic

The boyfriend and I decided we desperately needed a vacation this last November. We chose to take our adventure on the island of Dominican Republic. First off I want to say, we had the time of our lives! Our first major trip together was a success.

Chicago was our take-off destination. We live in Iowa, so a 4 hour drive there wasn’t too bad. We made sure to have a mixed CD made for the roadtrip. Coffee in hand, we were on our way! The cost of parking at this particular airport is $50+ dollars a day to park your car. We found that doing a park & fly was the cheapest way to go. Plus you get a one night hotel stay as well. We decided we wanted to take that one night hotel stay before the departure date. We relaxed, went out to eat, and got prepared to leave bright and early in the morning!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

We took a chance on going on a Apple Vacation 5 Star Square Deal. What this meant was that we paid a much lower rate on going on this vacation. There were 12 different 5 star hotels they could have chose for us. They would let us know where we were staying once we got to the airport before take off. We really didn’t care too much about where we were staying, so thought this would be a great steal for us. We knew that all the 5 star All Inclusive Resorts would be nice anyways. We got selected to stay at RIU Bambu in Punta Cana.

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We fell in love with the resort. We loved the beach, the staff, the room, and of course the drinks! The RIU is a chain of hotels along the Domincan Republic beach line. If you stay at one, you are free to go to others and enjoy their drinks as well. It was nice to go and see the other resorts and see what they had to offer. We went on a couple of excursions while we were there for the week. We went on an outback safari, which included going to a local school, touring a common home in the Domincan community, and having an authentic meal prepared for us.

We heard that taking an excursion over to the other side of the island to see the gigantic star fish was a must – so we did that as well. It definitely didn’t disappoint! Long day for sure, but well worth it.

A couple things we learned on this trip:

*Never underestimate how hot the sun is – it was cloudy, very cloudy one day and thought – “oh well, we don’t need as much sunscreen.” Definitely wrong. I tan pretty easily, but always needed to have some sunscreen on at all times when outside. I burned of course on the day it was cloudy.

* The bartenders know who the tippers are – They take note and pay attention to the ones who tip them. They won’t forget you! We tipped one of the bartenders from the get-go. The drinks were stronger and were made a whole heck of a lot better! It was well worth it to us. I feel like they really skimp on the alcohol otherwise.

* Bartering – we went shopping on a mini strip mall a little ways from our hotel. The Dominicans will come off very forceful trying to sell you anything and everything from their store. There wasn’t one thing we bought that we didn’t end up bartering down. At one point, I had walked away saying no thanks, but they came back and went down on the price even more.

*Make sure you have extra room in your suitcase – taking back souvenirs would be impossible without allowing some extra space in your suitcase. We brought back a couple of handpainted canvases, a couple sculptures, and some odd and ends things. Between some space in my carry on and some room in the suitcase, everything fit!

*Sign up for your meal reservations as soon as possible – Usually at all-inclusives, they will have specialty restaurants to choose from. The only way to eat at those will be to sign up during the day. You will usually have the option to sign up for a couple days in advance (RIU Bambu does it this way). They fill up fast, so getting down there towards the beginning of the day will be best to get the time slot you want.

*Make sure the men in your life bring along long pants – Some of the specialty restaurants at these resorts will have strict rules on dress code. They sometimes require that men wear long pants (no jeans) to dinner.

*50 lb weight limit on checked bags – On the way home, my bag was overweight. I had to rearrange some of my stuff over to my boyfriends bag and some into my carry on. It was quite the hassle, so next time I will make it a point to make sure it is under that 50 lb mark.

I have and will always book through Resort Web Deals. Yes they are my parents! They own a business together and have been doing this for the last 15 years. They have so graciously offered to give Uniquely Women Readers a discount on their vacation. Once on their website, just enter in the promo code – “loyal123” – after you have chosen the destination of your choice!

Would love to discuss our trip with you & would love to hear about your vacation experiences! We are always looking for our next vacation spot! Just comment at the bottom of this page and I will be sure to get back to you!