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5 Essentials To A More Productive Work Space


Working in an office is often seen as soul-crushing and monotonous, but it doesn’t have to be!

While you need a functioning space with all the essential accessories, technology, and supplies, it also needs to speak to you and represent who you are. Whether you work from a home office or a corporate one, own it and make it yours—because let’s face it: You spend more than half your life there! Scroll down to find out what my 5 essentials to a more productive work space are.

Essentials To A More Productive Work Space

Get organized with a planner

How will you know you’ve reached your destination if you don’t have a map? Don’t write down everything you have to do: limit yourself to a short list of actionable items that will move you forward in some way. They could help you with health, fitness, your relationship, work, or whatever you want to do. The point is to focus on key tasks that are relevant.

Burn your favorite candle

I love any warm fall scented candles for this time of year. This They add a beautiful glow to your home giving a cozy vibe for sure. I am candle crazy and probably own way too many candles.

Remove excess sound with headphones

Ever get distracted from any noises that could be interfering with being productive during the day? I snagged some noise cancelling headphones the other day. They have been an amazing asset to my work space.

Make yourself a cup of coffee

I drink coffee all year round, but something about the cooler weather that makes me crave coffee even more. As a coffee lover I switch up my coffee and I am currently loving NESCAFÉ Taster’s Choice in their House Blend. I like the new jar, but I also love the individual packets. They are great to have at your desk whenever you need some coffee…and fast! I am instantly more productive when I have a coffee next to me at my work space, am I right?

Add in a plant

Studies have actually shown that people are more productive when they have some greenery in their environment, so maybe it’s time to get that little potted plant you’ve always wanted. If you’re worried you might cause it to die (that would be me), get a plant that is tough to kill! Or go get yourself a fake plant – I love mine!

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