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Mid-Century Vintage Home Tour


Ooh friends, today is going to be such a fun day! We are stepping inside the gorgeous home of Holly Young, an abstract artist from Ontario, Canada. She does tremendous work and also has a keen eye for home decor! Her modern, vintage mix is swoon worthy and I can’t wait to share her mid-century vintage home tour.

You are going to fall in love with her family space, her adorable pup, and her philosophy on decorating is something we can totally get behind. Below you will find a tour of her house as well as some aspiring pieces of artwork she has created for her home. Go on, take a peek! – Nicole

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family:

Hi I’m Holly! I’m thrilled to be a part of Nicole’s blog and share a bit about myself and my love for design.
I live in Ontario Canada and have a creative background in Interior Decorating and a Bachelor of Fine Art.
I am lucky to have a very supportive husband and together we raise two energetic daughters and our German Shepherd Dublin.

On an average day after I take my girls to school, you can find me painting in my home studio then relaxing with a cup of tea while reading some of my favourite design blogs and magazines. I also teach art classes some evenings which keeps my creativity flowing!

How would you describe your design style?

My taste is definitely an eclectic mix of styles. I love thrifting and mixing vintage furniture and accessories with modern pieces to create a collected look. I love pattern, colour & texture and admire the work of Jonathan Adler. My husband & I both love mid century design and architecture and are drawn to bungalows and an open floor plan.

What is your favorite part of your space?

My favourite space in our home is our living room. It has large windows that give the best natural light in the afternoons, I love sitting on the sofa and reading to the girls. The built ins allow ample storage for toys, books, crafts and even a small television. Some of our favourite collectables like our vintage camera collection are displayed on the shelves along with family photos and plants. I do not have a green thumb but the plants that I have chosen are easy maintenance and do well in this light. The open floor plan highlights our gallery wall and our growing art collection. It’s a great space for entertaining as the adults can sit and relax while the kids play. We spend most of our time here, there is nothing too precious that the girls are off limits to touching.

How did you utilize your artwork in your home?

My paintings are full of colour and texture, they hang in almost every room in our home. The majority of the main living spaces are neutral walls and furnishings, I think adding artwork really brings the design to life and injects my personality. Every room needs some character and what better way to add it with the element of original artwork. Mixing my paintings with other photographs and thrift shop finds is fun, and I often move things around. Someone recently said that our home was like a treasure hunt for art…I take that as a compliment.

You have a real knack for finding great vintage pieces. Do you have any tricks/tips on coming across a great steal?

I have a few local second hand shops I stop by on a regular basis. I usually don’t look at clothing or toys, just home décor, art and textiles. When you are shopping think outside the box. Once I purchased a tribal inspired wall hanging, I never hung it but instead decided to cut it up and repurpose it. I recovered an ottoman in our living room, framed a cool bird for above my night table and also framed another section as a punch of colour on our kitchen counter.
I also check out local websites that have monthly auctions and estate sales. I have lucked out with some great rugs & one of my favourite scores was a rattan plant stand that is in our living room and was only $10! I often find that the items I am interested in have no bidders and sell quickly. This is not always the case…but hey you can’t always win.

What was the biggest challenge in this process?

Like I constantly tell my children “You have to have patience”. If you love a space that has a collected/well travelled vibe, it is not going to happen overnight. Take your time picking pieces to furnish and decorate with. If you are shopping online like I often do (I like Kijiji) similar to the US Craigslist, you have to know what you are searching for and inquire right away. If you see a dresser you like & sleep on it, chances are you won’t even get to see it in person. If you email & say you are interested you can make up your mind later if you really need it. Our living room coffee table was something I wanted but not at a full retail price. My husband was away on business & when he came home I said “Oh by the way I need you to help me lift this coffee table I want to buy…it’s marble.” He was great & didn’t complain and came along for the adventure. I could have purchased something at the same price at Ikea. It was a good deal folks.

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