Meet An Avid Photographer Fond of Nature

David Berkowitz of Chicago is an avid photographer who loves to concentrate on several different subjects. From his childhood, he used to go out with his parents and take in the sights of the city. He always imagined that these sights could be amazingly captured in photographs and this is when he decided to become a professional photographer when he grew up.

Impressive photo collection

If you take a look at the David Berkowitz Chicago photo collection, you will find that it is impressive and captures several subjects from different angles. His photographs depict and display his passion for art and no wonder he is a celebrated name in Chicago. He says that as a photographer, it is important for you to have an eye for detail. In the beginning, when you start, you will find many mistakes. If you check his portfolio, you will find that he has taken several pictures from different angles. At the same time, he has also given a lot of emphasis to nature photography that he enjoys.

Fond of broad landscapes

Landscapes have always attracted him and this is the sole reason why he makes it a point to opt for landscape photography regularly. He travels to places and likes to take pictures of regions and areas. He says that he is fond of taking photographs of living subjects and capturing the intricacies of their life. He tries to take in mystique characteristics blended in the natural settings. He is an expert with the camera and this is why his photographs speak out.

His love for photography

He says that making his hobby into his employment is the best thing that has happened to him. However, he also says that if you wish to become a professional photographer, you must take up formal training. He has been formally educated in the art of photography in the United States. After he completed his graduation in the USA, he decided to travel around the nation and take as many pictures of the natural surroundings that covered him. In the process, he also captured many stunning photographs of creatures in their natural habitat.

Practice will make you perfect

If you wish to become a good photographer, practice will make you perfect. You should also be an expert with the camera you are using. You may start as an amateur photographer with a basic camera. Take as many shots as possible of a single subject. Once you have done this, you will be able to compare the shots and evaluate them.

When you progress to the next level, it is prudent for you to take training and guidance from a skilled and professional photographer. In this manner, you can develop your skills as a photographer. To get a better idea of professional photography and how it should be done, please visit the David Berkowitz Chicago portfolio.


What To Visit in The Event That You Go on Vacation on Lake Como

Lake Como is a blend of spots to see that you ought to visit in the event that we choose to take some time off. For the people who choose to put in a couple of days in these parts, there are many spots not to be missed that will make you go gaga for this lake and its environmental elements.


A stop that should not be missed on the lake is Bellano with its Orrido which you can get a decent excursion on one of the boats that explore the lake that will absolutely satisfy the little ones. The fracture between the stone in which the turbulent Pioverna stream streams has been known since the seventeenth century not just in light of the fact that the force of the water was utilized for the neighborhood business yet in addition for its spectacularity, depicted in prints and perspectives on the time. Albeit the water from the stream is at this point not utilized for industry, the excellence of the Orrido remains. It is incredible to have the option to visit this region when the stream is full, or when the water streams among sprinkles and rushes in the breaks in the stone.

The walkways grant you to move to the top where you can participate in an exquisite point of view on the lake while at the base there are a couple of tables and little games for youngsters. We open and close a nook here. It ought to be said that expecting we need to go on Lake Como we should pick an optimal spot to remain. This spot is found among the bequests to rent in the Lettings Lake Como complex which has a particularly immense sum to bring to the table as per every viewpoint.

The construction offers help that fulfills the client. every one of the capacities and different choices accessible permit the vacationer not to miss the solace of his own home. Therefore, Lettings Lake Como is turning out to be progressively well known. No one who halted nearby was disillusioned: assuming we need to travel in Como, we additionally tracked down the perfect spot to remain.


The third critical step for people who go to Como is given by the Comacina Island in Ossuccio and by the Sacro Monte which is masterminded on a spike of rock clearly in front. The island excused until some time earlier, is by and by rethought as one of the really archeological regions close by. It isn’t hard to reach: basically follow a stretch by boat and in the wake of showing up we will notice ourselves to be cleared before the Church of San Giovanni with its Romanesque annihilates yet, also, the excess pieces of different spots of love once present on the island, nine according to legend. Proceeding with our way, we discover the Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine del Soccorso which stays on a horrendous spike ignoring the lake.


How To Use Bloglovin’ To Attract More Readers To Your Blog

If you’ve been a blogger for a while now and have not taken advantage of Bloglovin’, you are missing out on a gold mine of potential growth! Bloglovin’ is the best free marketing tool anywhere on the internet. Read on and discover how to use bloglovin’ to attract more readers to your blog.

How To Use Bloglovin’ To Attract More Readers To Your Blog

Why Bloglovin’ Is Hot:

It allows your followers on Bloglovin’ to stay up on your latest posts in their feed. Every time you write a new post, Bloglovin’ automatically posts a preview in your followers’ feed. Your followers can simply click on the post to read it, like it, or save it for a later time. Your followers can also click on your blog and see all your posts at once.

Let’s face it, we all love free stuff for promoting our blogs! Having a free marketing tool that will attract new followers as well as keeping your audience updated on when a new post is live! It can’t get much better than this.

Another great thing I love about Bloglovin’ – you can see which posts were more popular. You can then gauge what content your followers would like to see from you.

Bloglovin’ users can search for blogs by category or see other blogs that are similar to the ones they are already following. This will help new readers find your blog much more easily. Let’s face it, you’ll want readers that are interested in your niche and what type of content you are producing.

How to Utilize Bloglovin’:


In the top bar in Bloglovin’, scroll down underneath your bio photo to Widgets. Copy and paste the HTML code into your sidebar for new readers. One click and they’ll be subscribed to all future posts! How great is that?!


By default, Bloglovin imports the first image from your post as the ‘title image’ in your followers’ feeds. Making that first post “pop” is important and will be what everyone on Bloglovin’ will see when scrolling through their feed! When you create something that is engaging AND using a vertical image, which will appear larger, you are more likely to be re-pinned on Pinterest.

If you’re wondering what characteristics of photos drive clicks to your blog – you check out this blog post I wrote!


Statistics have shown that 8 out of 10 followers will read a headline but only 2 out 10 will actually read the post!

There is so much information online. As bloggers, we constantly have to be asking ourselves – why should somebody want to read this article? You could have the most amazing content but if your title is “Let’s Chat About Instagram” it may not draw as many readers as “Double Your Instagram Followers in Three Months.” (But never ‘exaggerate’ the content you’re actually delivering, it’s a great way to lose readers!)


On your own Bloglovin’ blog feed, hit “Share” then “Pinterest.” This way, when a pinner clicks your image in Pinterest, your Bloglovin’ profile opens up displaying thumbnails of all your wonderful posts. They may be more likely to ‘follow’ right away. (However, right now I prefer to direct traffic directly to my blog! Find out what works best for you.)



Create a username and password by entering in your email address or by connecting your Bloglovin account with your Facebook.


A great way to grow your following via Bloglovin is to Claim Your Blog. Every blog has an RSS feed (a simplified version of your posts that users can subscribe to.) Search for your blog in the search bar by typing your full URL.

When you see your blog, click on it. On your blog “profile,” you’ll see the words “Is this your blog?” with a link that says “Claim it!” Click to claim your blog. More info over on Bloglovin’s post on how to claim your blog.


Bloglovin’ is such a great way to search and connect with other similar bloggers. You can click “Find Blogs” in the top bar of Bloglovin’ and you’ll see a page full of blogs recommended for you. You can also sort by category, for example, I searched for “design.”


Once you’ve followed some of your favorite blogs, you can click on My Feed in the top bar to be taken to your new feed – full of the blogs you are now following! For each new blog post published – you’ll see an image, a title, and a short description of the blog post. You will see 4 choices underneath: Like, Save, Share and Mark as Read.

SAVE is a great feature! You can come back to blog posts for when you have more time to dig deeper into them. Once you save posts, you can create collections to categorize them for easy viewing.

SHARE is another great function. When you read a post you love, hit “Share” and choose how you would like to share with your friends!