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Trending: Coffee Carts

Coffee Carts: a new trend that I’m excited to try out in our kitchen. I wanted to create a happy coffee corner, because let’s face it, making coffee & tea is usually the only thing I am making in the kitchen. It’s pretty close to the intended use of a bar cart…but more fitting for JJ and I, as we definitely consume a lot more coffee than we do alcohol. I already showed JJ these photos and he’s on board with the idea, so now we just need to find the right cart!

Coffee Carts

I gotta give credit to A Beautiful Mess for piquing my interest in coffee carts. They wrote this great inspiring post, and then posted photos of their own coffee cart here (Its the one pictured above)

Coffee Carts

So, now I’m on the hunt for just the right bar cart (at the right price). Do you know of any great ones under $100?