Crafts Thrifty-Thursdays

Trash Can Cabinet Makeover

Thrift Shopping: One of my favorite things to do. Want to know why? You get to stumble upon amazing purchases like this one and create it however you like. We have been searching for a trash can cabinet for awhile now. We looked at possibilities online and were looking at $100-$150 if we would buy one ready to go. NO THANK YOU. Popped into our local goodwill and look what showed up!! It was perfect for a painting project. $10 is what I snagged it for – which I thought was more than reasonable.

This is the kind of small project that I recommend for newbies because you don’t have much to lose. Find some piece at a thrift store for five-ten bucks and give it a go! If you mess up, you’re not out too much in the piece of furniture itself and the time and materials you’ve put into it.

Here is the step by step process I used to get this look:

  1. I cleaned the entire piece with a damp soapy washcloth and dried it.
  2. I used the color “Old White” by Annie Sloan (One of my favorites.) I put two coats on the entire piece. You could add a third if you really wanted to – but since I was going to put dark and clear wax on top, it didn’t need it.

3. After dry (takes about 20 minutes for each layer to dry) – I used an old rag to apply the dark wax next. On this piece, I went over the whole cabinet. You can choose to JUST apply it to the corners if you’d like as well.

4. Clear wax is next. (This is the fun part). When you use the clear wax over the dark, you can make the dark fade away as much as you like, depending on how much you rub in the clear coat. SO – if you don’t like a certain way you did the dark wax…don’t fret because you can fix when you get to clear wax step! Amazing!

5. I let the wax sit and cure for about 12 hours before moving the piece

5. New pull – I found mine at the local Hobby Lobby. $3

Crafts Thrifty-Thursdays

Frame it! Old Map Turned Masterpiece

Thrifty Thursday week 2:

Turn this everyday object into a masterpiece for your wall, no matting needed! I have had this map laying around – and folded up (eek!) in the bottom of my craft drawer for awhile now. I thought that with the folds in it, it would never get used.

I came across some cute gold 5×7 frames at the dollar store the other day and thought it would match the look of this map nicely!

I knew that the creases were going to make it a little difficult for me to cut them close enough just so it still looked like one big piece in the end. I knew that I wanted to include certain parts – Dominican Republic & the Caribbean in general, North America, and Europe (we have always wanted to visit). I would suggest picking out the most important parts to you on the map and try and plan out 5×7 pieces that would fit those places in together.

I used the insert that came with the frame to stencil out my 3 map sections. This works perfect, just so you get the sizing just right. I avoided the little creases of the map (seen on the photo above.) Once the stenciling is complete, take scissors and cut out the 3 sections you drew.

Even though I had to skip a little part of that crease, once in the frames – it still looks like they all belong side by side. This craft took me 20 min. max. Quick, easy, and an adorable DIY project!

Crafts Design

“EAT”Kitchen Decor

I came across these EAT paper mache letters and just needed – yes needed – to incorporate them into our kitchen. Our forest green kitchen walls could use some light accents…. so ivory is what I went for.

I used krylon spray paint. There a million different types of kylon paint – I know it overwhelms you when you walk into a store and have no idea what kind to get. Gloss or satin will work out the best on paper mache!

They took less than 10 minutes to dry. I spray painted them in my garage (in this Iowa weather – very chilly) but once done, I moved them inside to dry. The drying process will be a lot faster in an environment between 50-70 degrees.

To hang them you could use 3M wall mounting tape. We painted our walls a couple months ago and would rather use some small nails to hold them up. One nice thing about these paper mache letters – they are lightweight! Those 3M strips will easily be able to hold them up.