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Simple Garage Door Makeover

When we first moved into our house (about 2 years now,) the peach colored garage door I knew needed to be changed. I have envisioned it being white for a long time now, and one day I woke up and decided today was the day I needed to get it switched over! I was convinced that the only practical solution was to buy a whole new garage door. I looked into my options more, and found out that painting the garage door might not be that hard after all. I’m going to reveal my tips & tricks for our simple garage door makeover below.

We wanted to do away with the idea of replacing the whole door and just giving it a fresh, new look. This simple DIY turned our standard garage door into a faux “carriage” door. Our garage now looks like a thousand bucks and saves us the $700 or more on a new garage door, which is a BIG feat in my book! Read on to learn how I did it, and how easy it is to do your own garage door makeover!


Items you will need to paint & add hardware to your garage door:

Some tips for painting your garage door:

  • Check the weather before painting

Before grabbing the bucket of paint, make sure to think about the time of day and look at the weather forecast. Painting was definitely a lot more enjoyable in the late afternoon. The sun wasn’t beating down and you can easily see your garage door a lot better. A lot of the day I was wearing sunglasses because I was blinded by the white paint on the door.

  • Prepare your garage door for painting

If you want your paint job to last you will need to prep your garage door. This needs to happen mainly if you have rust or peeling paint on any part of your garage door. Start by sanding down the peeling paint or rust on the garage door. This definitely isn’t that fun, but its one of the most important steps.

  • Cleaning your garage door prior

Make sure to wash down your garage door before painting. Wash down with a sponge or use a power washer to remove dirt/debris. A lot of dirt accumulates on the bottom of the garage door, so pay extra attention to that area.

  • Tape off areas where you don’t want paint

Make sure to take the time to tape off the areas you don’t want to get paint on. I used my Blue Tape to line the whole exterior of the garage door before painting. You also may want to lay down plastic under the door to keep the wet paint from sticking to the ground underneath the door.

  • Paint

Allow each coat to dry before you start painting the next. You will want to use a paint roller for the larger areas (I even used an extender – which helped my back out!) and a brush for the edges and corners. Add three to five coats of paint. Be sure to allow each coat dry before you add the next. Review your work as you go, making sure you’ve covered all areas of the door in each layer.

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Neutral Nursery Tour

Hello Friends!! I am so excited to finally reveal my lovely friends’ baby boys Neutral Nursery Tour today! It was a treat to help them decorate & photograph Dawson’s nursery!! To bring his room to life, they worked to incorporate elements that he will enjoy now and several years down the road. We used a lot of white and gray to set the stage for a calm and soothing nursery. They are so happy with how everything turned out and I’m excited to finally share it with you today! Soooo… without further ado, here is Dawson’s Nursery Revealed!

Favorite Nursery Chairs

Dark Gray Rocking Chair

Gray & White Glider

Modern White Chair

Light Gray Swivel Chair

Favorite Nursery Cribs

White Graco Convertible Crib

Delta White 4-in-1 Crib

3-in-1 Gray Convertible Crib

DaVinci Espresso Crib

They decided to go with a very neutral – gray + white + beige color palette. As he grows older, he will be able to get use out of his DIY teepee. They added a fun Teepee her mom helped create to his corner for a cozy place to curl up with a book or to play pretend! This Bed Set was perfect and went with Dawson’s nursery theme well. There was a mix of polka dots & arrows between the pillow, bed set, and changing pad cover.

Product Links:

Faux Fur Throw

Side Table – Metal & Wood

Burlap Lamp Shade

Changing Pad Cover

Knobs – Hobby Lobby

Arrow Basket – Hobby Lobby

Galvanized Letter

Bed Set – Pillow + Bed Skirt + Bed Sheet + Bumper

White Pouf

“Let Them Be Little” Printable

Gray Storage Boxes (similar)

This amazing family also had me help out with their baby boy’s arrival. View Dawson’s

Gender Reveal Party Details HERE & their Pregnancy Announcement photos HERE

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DIY Bridesmaids Box

I have officially been engaged since last November and I hadn’t OFFICIALLY asked all my bridesmaids to be in my wedding yet!

I knew I wanted to do something very personalized. I decided to go with a DIY Bridesmaids Box full of goodies for them to use for a long time to come. Here is what I put together for my four girls. Our colors are mint + peach + gold – so I knew I wanted to keep that theme going with the boxes I created.

Some of my favorite items:

Monogrammed Tote Bag

Monogrammed Tote Bag

Bridesmaids Hair ties

Bridesmaids Hair ties

Monogrammed Tumbler

Monogrammed Tumbler

Bridesmaids Card & Envelope

Bridesmaids Card & Envelope

I wanted to lay out all the details about our wedding, so the girls would know everything up front. I laid out my info in Word.

I wanted to let them know what the “role” of bridesmaid meant to me. It doesn’t mean someone who plans a shower, a bachelorette party, or someone that tags along to every wedding-related appointment for the next year. Truly, I don’t want any of those things! Their role is to know that I love them, how much I’ve appreciated their presence in my life, and that I couldn’t imagine the biggest day of my life without them next to me every step of the way. In short: wear a great dress, wipe away my tears (because that will happen) and have an amazing time!

I had so much fun putting these boxes together for my girls! I plan on taking every chance that I have to do something fun and craft every step of the way for this wedding and clearly, asking my girls was no exception! I wanted the details of the box to be personalized, so the monogram tote and tumbler was perfect!

I have to admit these boxes took awhile to assemble & create. Between decorating the glitter champagne bottles to picking out paint chip samples, they were definitely time-consuming. But they are well worth the time! The look on their faces when I gave them the boxes made it worth it, for sure.