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Easter Holiday Decor & Tablescape

Phew, Easter weekend has come and gone like a whirlwind. Since moving into our new house in December, a lot of our family still hadn’t had a chance to come and take a peek. We so kindly offered to have it at our place, and I’m so glad we did. I’m still struggling over here, and its only Tuesday. Perhaps Grandma’s Deviled Eggs resulted in a food coma? Very likely.

Anyone that knows me well, knows how I love to craft. I’m definitely a kid at heart. These Cheeto Carrots were just the ticket. Disguising Cheetos as a vegetable? You got it.

To make 20 bags you will need –

2 family size bags of Cheetos,

20 Disposable Decorating Bags,

& 3 yards of Green Ribbon.

What party isn’t complete with fresh blooms? These carnations not only added color, but also gave me a good excuse to break out my Ikea Vase

How was your Easter? If you were crafty or in the mood to bake up a storm – let me know what you created!