Easter Egg Confetti

Side Note before we get started: Easter is going to be here before we know it and it still snowing up here in Iowa (woof). Spring get here soon please.

End Rant – onward to our craft! Confetti meets Easter Egg! Not the same old, same old decorating of eggs this year, my friends

You will need:

  • Eggs (hard boiled or decorating plastic eggs)
  • craft paper
  • paper punch
  • mod podge
  • foam brush


  1. Hole punch your craft paper. I bought my loot here from Target all for $1. Hobby Lobby has lots of craft paper as well.
  2. With your foam brush, wipe the mod podge on a little section of the egg to start
  3. Add the confetti to the section of the egg that you just put mod podge on.
  4. Continue the process until the egg is covered.

Easy Peasy, right? These would look great in a bowl or vase to decorate for Easter this year! For more inspiration and crafty ideas make to sure to visit my Pinterest page.