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Introduction to Social Boutique

Wow, the last almost year now has been a crazy ride! I have been sharing tidbits of my new business venture [Social Boutique] but today I wanted to share more details, so get ready! While juggling a lot of other projects – I have finally finished my business’ website!

Jumping full force into my Social Media Management Biz was not an easy task. There were loads of hurdles to jump through. Above all, I have learned so much about myself and how I deal with new experiences, stress, and being my own boss. It has also been so exciting to watch it grow. I wake up every morning excited to take on the day. Social Boutique is going to be an outlet for me to share my experiences and advice for others wanting to jumpstart their entrepreneurship adventures. I will be sharing tips/tricks about productivity, WordPress websites, social media strategies, and business advice.

Social Media Management

We are a consistent voice for your social media profiles. We work to build up a community of advocates for your brand, connecting with fans individually and managing your online reputation.

Web Design

We create websites with modern designs and features for small businesses and organizations that are professionally developed, optimized for the best desktop and mobile experiences, that are affordable, easy to maintain and with the flexibility to grow with your business needs.

Social Media Advertising

We setup , manage and optimize campaigns. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & more. In addition, we will provide you with monthly feedback and adjust our strategy accordingly.

Photography Styling

We make eye-catching and professional photos for your product or brand. Whether it’s a look-book, catalog, ad campaign or simply a full-scale photo shoot production, we can help you.

Consulting & Training

We can help you learn to manage your own social media starting at a 1 hour consulting session. We will develop a strategic plan for your business. We’ll help setup your social media platforms and teach you how to maximize ROI.

Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach is a very important and essential part of any digital marketing strategy for all businesses, regardless of size. Its success primarily lies in its ability to help build your company’s online presence and reputation virally through additional, relevant content.

Event Coverage

Putting on a conference or an event isn’t easy. It is a lot of hard work and dedication. We will make your next event a huge social media success. Take advantage of the immediate news capabilities of social media with a live team on-site during your next conference or event.

Blog Post Creation

We will research hot topics in your market and write & post 400+ word original blog posts for you. More traffic. More sales. We write blog posts that bring target customers to your website.


The Creative Local: Allie Seidel

If you are new to Uniquely Women, I started a new blog series column – The Creative Local. This series showcases boss ladies, whether it be bloggers, entrepreneurs, or women making a difference in their neck of the woods. Each will showcase their current city, taking us around to their favorite places along with a little bit of their current business endeavors. Tag #thecreativelocal on Instagram & Twitter to showcase the creative local in YOU to be featured.

Up this month: Allie Seidel of Allie Seidel Lettering & Design.I’m constantly looking and admiring her handwriting, photography, and design skills. She is definitely an inspiration and I’m excited to introduce her to all of you today! She will share some of her favorite Seattle favorite hangouts as well as a little more about her business and her day-to-day life. Without further adieu – meet a favorite creative of mine – Allie Seidel!

Her Favorite Seattle Spots:

I am a fourth generation Californian, with loyalties deeply tied to Cal football games, long hot summers, and weekly trips to In-N-Out. But when I accepted my college admittance to the University of Washington, my life forever changed.

I met my husband when we were five, (read more about our love story but we reconnected in college, and our life is in the Pacific Northwest now. My adjustment to Seattle wasn’t the easiest (my freshman year of college the weather broke a record for the numbers of days of rain in a row), and it was a rough switch from the mild “winters” I was used to. But, I can wholeheartedly say that now, after seven years, I’m in love with this city and I can’t imagine our life anywhere else. I’m thankful for a rich network of friends and in-laws here, and for a city known for being a goldmine of creativity and entrepreneurship.

If I were visiting Settle for the weekend, these are my top three, must-see places:

Green Lake Park

This is the Central Park of the West Coast. It’s a three mile loop surrounding a peaceful, tree lined lake, filled with joggers, new moms with strollers, and the occasional rollerblader. I’ve run this three mile loop consistently since college, and I could not live without it

Green Lake Park

Oddfellows Cafe & Bar

My favorite brunch in the city, and thanks to impossibly good lighting and on-trend hipster decor, it’s possibly the most instagrammed spot for breakfast. They have a gluten-free biscuit that is to die for, the menu is simple and fantastic. They also have a full service restaurant and bar, and lots of coffee and baked goods.

Oddfellows Cafe & Bar

Percy and Co

Located in the hip and trendy Ballard neighborhood, this is one of my favorite bars. They have an outdoor back patio with long tables that is great spot for small or large groups, and a cocktail menu the size of a textbook. Really fun in the summer

Percy and Co

Next up: An Interview with Allie

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In a few sentences describe yourself:

I’m a designer and stylist of many forms: hand lettering, stationery, parties, photography, and writing mostly. I’m crazy about my husband, the annual 4th of July weekend spent at my grandparent’s lake house, crushed ice, and gold flatware.

How did your shop start? Where did that passion come from?

I think I’ve always kind of had the “business bug.” In high school I sold handmade purses, in college I sold ribbon headbands in our school’s colors for football games, and later I had an Etsy shop of hair ties before I launched my lettering business. I think I just have always been drawn to the process of creating and selling. It’s so energizing to me, both the creative aspects as well as the business and marketing side of it.

You have an amazing knack for hand lettering. Tell us a little about that and where your inspiration for hand lettering came from?

Thank you! I am a total accidental letterer. I took a calligraphy “class” in December 2013 which was more like a party with a group of friends. It was really fun but I wouldn’t say I was a “natural” (which is good news for anyone wanting to take a workshop!) I practiced and practiced, and launched a line of cards a few months later for Valentine’s Day. The business continued to grow quickly and organically, and it’s been the most surprising and rewarding journey. I’m so thankful to have found a career that combines so many of my passions and skills.

What is one of your favorite things you have designed/hand lettered?

The postcard series is my current favorite. I love everything about it: the combination of both my photographs and my lettering, making snail mail and thank you cards easier to send, the matte finish. Every detail about them was carefully planned and I think they fit a good niche in the market.

What was your biggest hurdle to overcome (business wise) in 2014?

Learning how to say “no.” I think as women, this can sometimes be a tough skill to learn because we can feel like we’re letting people down. But the very nature of managing a growing business, opportunities are continuously pitched to you, and you have to quickly decide if this is something you are willing to take on our not. I am learning when and how to decline offers effectively and graciously so that I can fiercely protect my time while continuing to grow the business. It’s a very fine line and something I’m sure I will be learning for the rest of my career.

Top Bucket List Locations (name between 3-5)?

I love the Cinque Terre in Italy. It’s a group of these stunning, tiny little coastal towns, and I’ve been before but my husband hasn’t, and we’d love to get to travel to Europe together someday. There’s so many places over there that I’d love to see with him, the Amalfi Coast in particular, and Greece would be a dream.

Currently – Top Must Read Blogs (name between 3-5)?

  • My friend Sarah Adler at Simply Real Health has a fantastic blog centered on healthy living. I love all of her simple, inspiring, and naturally gluten free recipes.
  • My elementary and high school friend, Elise Blaha, has a fantastic blog, and it has always been a favorite of mine for a real life look into running a small business.
  • I have followed Kelle Hampton’s Enjoying the Small Things blog since Nella was born, her daughter with down syndrome. I loved how she wrote honestly about that experience, and seeing the amazing photos she takes of her kids.

Maker Mentors Online Holiday Conference


! I’m super excited to let you know that I am participating as a mentor at this year’s Maker Mentors Online Holiday Conference.

You can view my Interview with Maker Mentors HERE! I share how I started off as a Social Media Manager, the biggest challenges when I started, & what my typical day looks like.

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The conference is happening this Saturday (September 19th), but you will have lifetime access to the content. Everyone who signs up will be paired with a mentor for a one-on-one coaching session. One of you will have the chance to get a mentoring session with me!

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At this conference, you will learn from creative business mentors and have access to:

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