6 Online Decorating Tools For A Stylish Home

Re-decorating can be tough. From all the heavy-lifting involved (ugh) to perfecting the little things like wall color and lamp choice, it can be a long process! Whether you’re giving your space a full reboot or just making it feel a little changes to make it more cozy, I’ve rounded up 6 online decorating tools for a stylish home!


Homestyler is an online tool that allows you to plan everything from the flat floor plan of your home to a 3D builder that lets you see exactly where every item will go. The coolest part of Homestyler? Their mobile app allows you to upload a photo of a room in your home, and Homestyler will digitalize it. It’s incredibly realistic too! This handy feature will let you see what it’s like to move things around or change your paint color, without doing the physical work!


This site lets you build your floor plan in just a few easy clicks. Build walls, add furniture, and move it all around just as easily. You can even add your own photos and videos for added realism. also has an easy sharing tool so you can send your creations to your friends, family, or contractor. Their basic plan (which includes one plan and access to their iPhone app) is free!


Design A Room

This app is one of my favorites- it lets you design a kitchen, bathroom, dining room, living room, or bedroom from scratch, or from an existing photo of a room you love. Thinking about changing your flooring? Test out different shades of stain, different grains, and even toggle between hardwood and laminate.

Design A Room


Polyvore isn’t an app like the other options, but it’s perfect for putting the finishing touches on your space. Pick out everything from photo frames, bed frames, even what candle would look best in your home. Add all your dream items in one easy frame to see how the colors work with each other.


Benjamin Moore Painting App

A paint-color switch is a perfect way to give your room a refresh without purchasing all new furniture. Before making the jump – upload a photo of your space on the Benjamin Moore Painting App. Test out exactly what shade will be right for your room! Pro tip: If you’re feeling bored with your current color, try a statement wall! A single wall with a bold color is a great way to add a pop of personality with minimal effort.

Benjamin Moore Painting App


Houzz is the one-stop-shop for all things home refresh. Shop for pieces from their on-app store, browse through the massive gallery for inspiration, or use their handy database to contact professionals in your area. Their handy ‘advice’ and ‘story’ areas are great for first-timers too. The advice section can guide you from how to properly hang a photo to finding out what’s the best soil for your flower bed.


Living Room Inspiration on Houzz by Catherine Staples Interiors

Your space should be your happy place, and these tools will help you make your space as perfect as it can be! Whether you have a small studio or a sprawling home, these tools can help you spruce up your space! What other online decorating tools have you used? I would love to hear! Comment below!

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Top 10 IKEA Items

I have to start this post off by saying – IKEA is one my all time favorite places to shop!! Hands down. Love it. Ok, well now that that is off my chest let’s dig into why I think that way. This last week I spent the day at IKEA. The closest one is 3 hours away, so it’s kinda a big deal to decide to go.

Ikea offers great style selections with great prices, making it a lot easier to dress your nest for less. I am showing you the Top 10 Ikea Items that I have bought and love! On your next trip be sure to look into these items and stock up at these amazing prices! If you are wondering why they have such funny names – IKEA was founded in Norway so the items are all in Norwegian.

Top 10 Ikea Items

  • ALVINE KVIST duvet cover set – We bought this item for our guest bedroom. We now own 2 different IKEA duvet covers and love them both!
  • FEJKA artificial plant – These are so simple and add a touch of green to every room. No joke – I think we might have one in every room of our house 🙂 The white pots from Ikea go well with these plants. $5.99 each
  • EIVOR throw blanket – This item has been around for quite some time (most likely because it is so popular!) It is super soft, quite large for a throw blanket and neutral colors to match any colorful decor you might have.

EIVOR throw blanket

  • BYGEL bar cart – I just snagged this pretty on this week’s road trip. I couldn’t say no. You can even turn it into a coffee cart if alcohol isn’t your thing.
  • VITTSJO shelving unit – A great storage solution. We have this piece in our living room, but it would also be great in an office! Use the Kvarvik Boxes to store craft items or blankets.

VITTSJO shelving unit

  • RIBBA frame – A simple, yet stylish design. These frames can be used either hanging or standing.
  • KVARNVIK box with lid – These boxes are great for newspapers, photos, craft items, or any other memorabilia. The included label helps you create an overview to quickly find your things. Don’t like the label? Easily remove it for a cleaner look.
  • ELLY dish towel – Such a great dish towel set. If you do any food photography – these are great for getting a different look each and every time because of the selection.
  • FJADRAR pillow cushion – Throw pillows normally are SO expensive. I found these great throw pillows for $3.99. Add one of Ikea’s cushion covers for only $5 and you have a throw pillow for $9. The down comforter feeling is what you get with this pillow.
  • RANARP desk lamp – Gold & white colors are my weakness, so naturally this lamp had to come home with me. The black and white cord is another great touch.

RANARP desk lamp

What are your favorite Ikea items? How did you use them! Share photos/inspiration below!


Living Room Revamp

I love a clean slate – decorating wise. After leaving our condo last December we decided we were going to sell all of our furniture and start brand spankin’ new. It turned out amazing and just the way I envisioned. It was nerve racking at times going a couple months with no furniture at all. (whew!)

A nightmare at times – but well worth the wait! We wanted to have a room that wouldn’t break the bank TOO much. All of the items are very reasonable & I have provided the links to everything you see at the bottom of this post :)

After only about three trips to Target, 2 trips to IKEA, and 1 trip to Homemakers later, and we have ourselves a modern, classic, black and white living room. Even though the closest IKEA is about 5 hours away – it is well worth it. Their products are stylish AND affordable!

Shop the Living Room Products:

Jonathan Louis Lourdes Sofa

Bush Furniture Black Arrow TV Stand

Threshold Metal Linear Floor Lamp

Table Lamps (Sold Out) – Similar styles HERE & HERE

Sonoma Fret Curtain Panel

Contour Wall Clock

Core Bamboo Tray

Metal Decorative Clock

Ikea Items:

Hemnes Sofa Table

Vittsjo Shelving Unit

Vittsjo Coffee Table

Eivor Throw Blanket

Kvarvinik Grey Boxes

Smarssel White Storage Box

Fejka Artificial Potted Plant

There you have it! Our bright, modern, neutral living room revamp. Thank you so much for visiting. We certainly have things to do yet in the room {I will be sharing our to do list with you soon, starting with throw pillows }

I will be breaking down all the parts of the living room re-do in separate blog posts. There was lots of painting, buying, making, hanging, rearranging, & that all can not be possibly explained in one post.