Crafts Thrifty-Thursdays

Diy Jewelry Stand

Yup, you guessed it – Its Thrifty Thursday again! This week has flown by!

It is almost impossible to keep our bathroom organized – especially with my stuff laying around. My favorite place (the dollar store) has saved my life (again) this week. Only 6 items to make this craft.


  • Pick out 3 different sized plates and/or bowls (biggest to smallest)
  • 2 candlestick holders
  • Liquid Nails (or any other tough glue)

Take the largest plate and place that on the bottom. Take one candlestick and place an even amount of glue around the edge. Place it in the middle of the place and push down for about 10 seconds to make sure it is getting a good “stick.” Repeat this step and put an even amount of glue on the top side of the candlestick already glued to the first plate. Place the second plate on top of that.

On to the third. I used a bowl for the top part. It will be easy to hold a lot of the loose items I have laying around. Once everything is glued on, you will need to find a good place for the jewelry stand to dry.

Liquid Nails takes awhile to dry (I would let it dry overnight.) I use that over other glues because it seems to be a lot stronger and holds very well.

Once dry, you can now organize your bathroom belongings as you wish!

What is on my jewelry stand do you ask?

Baby lips by Maybelline

Oval Ring from Amazon

Earrings & Bow from GroopDealz

Bare Minerals Make up set – Includes brush

Happy Thrifting! xo Nicole