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Skinny Raspberry Moscow Mule

Calling all raspberry lovers! Looking for a fun new cocktail to whip up? Well, I got ya covered. Serve up these Skinny Raspberry Moscow Mules to your guest this labor day weekend. It will be a fan favorite.

How did the name “Moscow” become associated with this drink? Great question and I have the answer. It’s because folks associate vodka with Russia.
A typical Moscow Mule has Vodka, ginger beer, lime & ice as the classic ingredients. I have tweaked the classic recipe to include some fun add-ins: Raspberries & Mint.

I have been searching & searching for some copper mugs – because a Moscow Mule is never complete without them. I came across Mule Mugs and they had exactly what I was looking for. They even have mini copper mug shot glasses. How Cute!

A popular & delish ginger brew is Barret’s. Did you know there is no alcohol in most ginger beer? News to me.


Serves 2
  1. – 4 shot of vodka (Skinny Smirnoff Raspberry Pomegranate)
  2. – Ginger Beer (Barrett’s)
  3. – 10 fresh raspberries
  4. – Juice of 1/2 of a lime
  5. – A few mint leaves
  1. – Muddle the raspberries, mint leaves and the juice from half a lime in the bottom of a copper mug.
  2. – Top with vodka, ice and ginger beer
  3. – Garnish with a slice of lime, raspberries and an extra mint leave. Enjoy!