How To Easily Enable Rich Pins On Pinterest

If you have spent any time on Pinterest you know there are some pins that look completely different from the rest. These pins display where the posts are from and the title. These pins are called Rich Pins. Below you will find the step-by-step guide on how to easily enable Rich Pins on Pinterest.

Rich pins are the pins on Pinterest that have your website name displayed right under the pin image. This will direct users to the pin’s original source! You can check out Uniquely Women’s pins here to see what Rich Pins look like.

Rich Pins are great for adding additional information that can be quite handy for your business. Pinterest has created 6 different kinds of Rich Pins and the pins you choose will dictate what extra information will be displayed.

Available Rich Pins:

• App
• Place
• Article
• Product
• Recipe
• Movie

Why You Should Use Rich Pins:

One of the leading reasons for using Rich Pins, you can provide valuable information to draw people to your site when clicking on the pin. Their standard pins only display an image and a brief description. Unfortunately, the description can be altered or edited by someone pinning your content with no guarantee the description will remain accurate or even helpful. Using Rich Pins, each one from your site will provide important information that will remain the same even if someone enters their own information in the description box.

How To Work With Rich Pins For A WordPress Site:

Before you can use Rich Pins on a WordPress site you have to install and activate the Yoast SEO plugin. Once done, go to your WordPress dashboard and go to SEO then Social. Click on the Facebook tab, check the box labeled “add open graph meta data” and save your changes.

At this point, go to Rich Pins Validator. Look down at the bottom of the page, you will see a box to enter your URL for anyone of your blog posts. Once done click validate. A message will open telling you your pin has been activated, click apply now. Your site’s domain and HTML tags will pop up, click apply now.

At this point, you are done but have to wait for an email that will notify you when your Rich Pins are enabled. Pinterest has said this could take up to a week to enable but in many cases, it’s a lot shorter. It took mine a couple of hours is all.

At this point, when you prepare a post for publication, it’s important that you add a description in the meta description box which is under the Yoast SEO settings. This description will be displayed beneath of your Rich Pins. You must do this step for each one of your posts.