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Beet and Berry Smoothie Bowl

Amy Valle is the gal behind the blog Bloom & Zest. She is also a wellness dietitian based out of Dallas, TX. Below, she shares her recipe for a delicious Beet and Berry Smoothie Bowl. Enjoy, friends!

Smoothie bowls are so fun + good for like 15 different reasons. They are probably one of the prettiest things you could ever eat. You can really get creative w/ the colors due to the natural pigments in fruits + vegetables. With the endless possibilities for toppings, it kind of becomes a blank canvas for your own little piece of art. If done right, all the nutrients you need for a full meal fit into one beautiful bowl. They are super adaptable to your taste preference. Not to mention, they are so trendy + popular
– which I guess that could be a good or bad thing depending on who you ask.

Healthy Smoothie Bowl

The concept of a smoothie bowl is a little weird though, right? Eating a smoothie w/a spoon? Try to think about it like a yogurt parfait but w/ blended fruit in there. I’ve also heard it described as the new cereal + milk but I don’t really like that visual.

When creating a smoothie bowl, one of the most important factors (in my opinion) is keeping it thick. Because yeah, it’s going to be awkward if you’re eating a runny smoothie w/ a spoon.

Beet and Berry Smoothie Bowl

SO today I’m sharing a berry + beet + banana smoothie bowl recipe- aw 3 b’s, who knew?

I like this combination because the beet + ginger balances out the sweetness of the berries + banana. The base is tart + earthy w/ a fun little kick from the ginger. Also, the beet gives it that cool color which is pretty important if you ask me. You could totally add some honey or another banana to amp up the sweetness if you’re into that.

You know, on that note, why don’t I give you a few pointers so you feel empowered to create a smoothie bowl exactly how you like?

Because who knows, maybe we don’t like the same stuff.

Here goes:

— Freeze whatever fruit you like but be mindful of what you’re adding if you’re trying to get a specific color (once I tried to make a pear + apple smoothie bowl and it was the ugliest, nastiest thing I’ve ever seen…think brown mush… definitely skipped that one for the blog… pretty sure I skipped eating it too)

— Use yogurt for your liquid (this will help give you a thick smoothie bowl versus a runny sad drink in a bowl like we discussed)

— Add a sweetener like honey or agave, if you so choose, but be sure to give your smoothie a taste before adding (i usually don’t add sweetener because the fruit is sweet enough for me + I like to add sweet stuff on top like granola)

— Make sure you add some crunchy toppings in there because it will be real boring without them

— Hmmm topping ideas… any + every type of granola or cereal, any + every type of nut or seed, coconut, chocolate, candy, dried or fresh fruit… this probably goes without saying but you want to make sure you are choosing toppings that compliment the smoothie flavor- like cinnamon toast crunch on top of a beet smoothie might be weird but cornflakes could work since the flavor is more subtle

— Get your toppings ready to go before you blend up your smoothie (you want to eat this babe pretty quickly before she melts)

— Yes my smoothie bowl is a girl because duh who run the world?


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Total Time
10 min


  1. cooked beets, 1.5 **
  2. banana, 1 frozen
  3. blueberries, 1 c. frozen
  4. strawberries, 2 c. frozen
  5. ginger root, grated 1 Tbsp
  6. greek yogurt, ½ c. – 1 c.
  7. toppings pictured- maple almond granola, slivered almonds, pumpkin seeds candied ginger, fruit, chia + hemp seeds sprinkled
  1. Prep your toppings
  2. Blend up your frozen fruit, beet, yogurt + ginger
  3. Pour into cute shallow bowl // top with anything your heart desires
  4. Eat quickly before it melts!
  1. Peel + roast beets in the oven at 400F for ~ 50 min. OR buy pre-cooked beets–I’ve seen them at whole foods in the pre-prepared fruit section
By Amy Valle