Summer Bucket List – 2014

I’m excited to get a jump on things ( even though we have another month before summer.) Never too early to start planning right? And there’s only a little less than 14 weeks left once it does start, I figured what better way to end the countdown then by posting this Summer Fun Checklist! You’re welcome to pin it and print it, and also to share any ideas for fun activities that you and yours like to do for the summer. Here it is!

Well, there you have it! I don’t know about you but just reading through those things make me all excited for the Summer. I really have high hopes for this season, and actually it was hard to just stop at these few things, so I may just have to print this off and write all in the margins. and now its your turn! Again – feel free to print it off if you like, or pin it for later, or both!

Do you have any fun/exciting summer plans? I would love to hear!