Crafts Thrifty-Thursdays

Trash Can Cabinet Makeover

Thrift Shopping: One of my favorite things to do. Want to know why? You get to stumble upon amazing purchases like this one and create it however you like. We have been searching for a trash can cabinet for awhile now. We looked at possibilities online and were looking at $100-$150 if we would buy one ready to go. NO THANK YOU. Popped into our local goodwill and look what showed up!! It was perfect for a painting project. $10 is what I snagged it for – which I thought was more than reasonable.

This is the kind of small project that I recommend for newbies because you don’t have much to lose. Find some piece at a thrift store for five-ten bucks and give it a go! If you mess up, you’re not out too much in the piece of furniture itself and the time and materials you’ve put into it.

Here is the step by step process I used to get this look:

  1. I cleaned the entire piece with a damp soapy washcloth and dried it.
  2. I used the color “Old White” by Annie Sloan (One of my favorites.) I put two coats on the entire piece. You could add a third if you really wanted to – but since I was going to put dark and clear wax on top, it didn’t need it.

3. After dry (takes about 20 minutes for each layer to dry) – I used an old rag to apply the dark wax next. On this piece, I went over the whole cabinet. You can choose to JUST apply it to the corners if you’d like as well.

4. Clear wax is next. (This is the fun part). When you use the clear wax over the dark, you can make the dark fade away as much as you like, depending on how much you rub in the clear coat. SO – if you don’t like a certain way you did the dark wax…don’t fret because you can fix when you get to clear wax step! Amazing!

5. I let the wax sit and cure for about 12 hours before moving the piece

5. New pull – I found mine at the local Hobby Lobby. $3

Crafts Thrifty-Thursdays

Chalkboard File Cabinet

A couple of ladies were putting on a city wide garage sale on about a month ago and I snagged up this file cabinet for $2.00. Some wear and tear, but all it needed was a little TLC.

And then the poor file cabinet sat in our garage for months and months until I had a chance to work a little chalkboard paint magic and turned it into….ta da:
Yes, that is the same file cabinet! Chalkboard paint makes it fun to decorate and create it your own.


  • Rust-oleum Black chalkboard spray paint
  • Valspar gray primer
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Rubber gloves
  • White chalk


Clean off the drawers. Remove any dirt or debris (I actually had to use a little Goo Gone to get rid of some sticky residue.)

Remove the drawers from the cabinet. Tape over the drawer glides and slides. Cover the drawers with tape, leaving only the drawer fronts exposed.

Spray paint the chest and drawers with primer. Let it dry.

Spray paint the drawers with chalkboard paint. (I used 3 fine coats of paint.) Set them aside to dry.

Once dry, decorate the file cabinet with chalk.

Crafts Thrifty-Thursdays

Hand Painted Wooden Spoons

I have been eyeing these 88 cent wooden spoons at Walmart for awhile. Why not decorate these spoons? – That day has finally come! Very few supplies are needed – and as an added bonus – cheap supplies at that!

What you will need:

  • Assorted wooden spoons
  • painters tape/washi tape
  • acrylic paint – any color
  • scissors
  • sponge brush
  • Food-safe clear sealant (I used Bulls Eye Shellac )

If you want to add polka dots to your spoon, you will also need:

  • Paper punch


Taping: You will need to make sure you have a piece of tape towards the top of the spoon to use as a guide. I used painters tape, but washi tape works well ( one of my favorite craft items.) These types of tapes are better for this project because it is harder for the paint to seep under the tape.

You will need to figure out the pattern you want to use. I used both stripes and polka dots.

Stripes – cut the widths of the tape to whatever you wish. When placing the tape on the spoon make sure you get it nice and snug just so no paint seeps underneath.

Polka Dots – With your hole punch – cut out holes in the painters tape and place them on the spoon as you wish.

Below are just three examples of what I did. Be creative – have some fun with creating your own design!

Paint: Apply 2 coats if necessary. You will also need to think of somewhere to let the spoons dry without anything touching the wet paint. I had a shutter around and the spoons fit nicely in the slots to make it easy to dry. Took less than 30 min and they were all ready to go.

After dry, pull off the tape. The last step is to apply a food safe shellac. I used Bulls Eye Shellac, but any other food safe sealant would work just fine. I coated each spoon twice, waiting 45 min in between each coat.