Transition Your Look For the Fall Season

It’s easy to choose outfits to fit the weather when you’re in the middle of a season. There’s a little leniency depending on where you live, but for the most part, if it’s the dead of winter, you know you have to dress warm, and if it’s the middle of summer you want to keep fabrics to a minimum. But it gets a little trickier when you’re transitioning from season to season.

Fall might be just around the corner, but the cool weather isn’t going to come right away. To make your clothing transition easier,you need to make your summer wardrobe last longer while incorporating new, warmer looks for fall.

There are a few pieces that are ideal for dressing up or dressing down Funny Thanksgiving shirts, depending on the weather. For starters, skirts have come back in a big way this summer, and the trend is expected to last well into the winter. It might seem odd to wear a skirt in the winter, but according to Fashion Style Mag, you can still expect to even see a few minis when the temperatures get low. Neutral tones are the most universal, but you can continue to wear muted hues of common summer colors such as greens, pinks, and oranges. Pair the skirt with a lighter top or even a crop top when it’s warm, and with a sweater, tights, and tall boots when it gets cooler.

You can also extend the use of your tartan button-down shirts. Tartan button-downs with a crop top or tank top have become a staple in summer wear, but they’re very easy to carry over into the fall. Fashion Gum highlighted a few different ways you can continue to get use out of this shirt style. Match them with a skinny, neutral tone pair of pants or jeans, and complete the outfit with a shoe that complements the boyfriend look of the tartan shirt, such as an ankle or cowboy boot. You can also incorporate your favorite scarf or beanie for some added warmth.

Finally, when you’re on a budget, you can easily use clothes you already have to create a fresh new look. However, if you want to buy a few new pieces to add to your closet, there were several articles on the front page of Lyst recently that covered some ways to do so. Their suggestions included purchasing maxi dresses of different fabrics and weights in addition to fall bohemian styles that can be made warmer or cooler depending on what you pair with them. And of course, you can never go wrong with a seasonally universal little black dress. Add a sweater when it’s chilly and pair with wedges when it’s warm.

By combining some of your fall and summer clothes, you can double the size of your wardrobe as the season changes. You’ll be more comfortable as the weather dips, and, as a bonus, you won’t feel guilty when you do decide to splurge a little. After all your creative wardrobe combining, you certainly will have earned it!

By Nicole Thien

Hello! I'm Nicole Thien and the founder of Uniquely Women. I have been writing for over 4 years empowering women from all walks of life to create a life they are proud of and inspiring them to cherish the little things. I'm also the founder of the Social Media Management Business, Social Boutique! I believe every brand has a story to tell. I help create strategic campaigns to help businesses gain meaningful awareness. Some other passions of mine include chai tea, flea markets, my fiancé, JJ & our two dachshunds, Bogey and Maverick.

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