10 Ways To Encourage You To Live In The Moment


Laura Saxby from the blog Living For The Now has been writing about how to appreciate the little things in life. Below, she shares her insight, plus 10 ways to encourage you to live in the moment.

Living in the moment. It’s something we all talk about but don’t necessarily do despite it not always bringing much happiness. Now is the time to refocus our present, not the past, not the future – now. But how? I’ve rounded up 10 ways to live in the moment.

10 Ways To Live In The Moment

Got a gut feeling? Go with it!

Worrying about consequences may result in you losing out on amazing opportunities for experiences. The saying goes “it’s better to have loved and lost than never loved at all” and it’s SO true.

Stop worrying about what others think

If we all worried about what our peers think about us, nothing would get done. Some of the most inspirational work and movements weren’t brought on by caring. Like a dress and concerned others will find it too daring? Then be daring! It’s part of your personality and people should learn to accept that.

Take time out

In this busy, busy world we live in it’s a rarity that we find ourselves stopping and taking a few moments for ourselves. Give yourself some thinking time, alone time, call it what you will. Just find a space and do something relaxing, even if it’s just 5 minutes.

Don’t plan too much

Planning each and every detail will only increase anxiety that something will go wrong. Try not to focus on it too much.

Try something new

Give a new food a go, take a class or go to a holiday destination you’ve never been to before.

Look around you

Savour the beauty of nature or the art of architecture. Think about things that make you ask questions. It’s those little moments that will open your mind and help you live in the moment.

Let go of the past

Having grudges or holding onto something that is no longer there will not open any doors. Throw away old memories and move on from history, enjoy what you have now.

Have a social media shut down

This is tricky (yes, even for me!). We’ve become consumed by the web and all the wonderful things it has to offer but when you’re spending time with loved ones, turn your phone off for a while. Focus on what you’re doing with the people you care about!

Know that we all make mistakes

It is a perfectly natural, human trait to make a mistake every now and again so accept them. Accept them as life lessons. They are the only way you will learn.

Keep a diary

Write about how you feel, what you did today and what you are grateful for. It’s good to reflect on the positive aspects of your day and vent about the negative.

You may need to remind yourself every now and again that the present is what counts but after a while it will become habit to focus on your wellbeing. Enjoy this moment and have a fabulous day!

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