6 Online Decorating Tools For A Stylish Home


Re-decorating can be tough. From all the heavy-lifting involved (ugh) to perfecting the little things like wall color and lamp choice, it can be a long process! Whether you’re giving your space a full reboot or just making it feel a little changes to make it more cozy, I’ve rounded up 6 online decorating tools for a stylish home. To learn more about how essential home decoration is, visit this website https://huizhiseed.com/


Homestyler is an online tool that allows you to plan everything from the flat floor plan of your home to a 3D builder that lets you see exactly where every item will go. The coolest part of Homestyler? Their mobile app allows you to upload a photo of a room in your home, and Homestyler will digitalize it. It’s incredibly realistic too! This handy feature will let you see what it’s like to move things around or change your paint color, without doing the physical work!


This site lets you build your floor plan in just a few easy clicks. Build walls, add furniture, and move it all around just as easily.  You can even add your own photos and videos for added realism.   FloorPlanner.com also has an easy sharing tool so you can send your creations to your friends, family, or contractor. Their basic plan (which includes one plan and access to their iPhone app) is free!

Design A Room 

This app is one of my favorites- it lets you design a kitchen, bathroom, dining room, living room, or bedroom from scratch, or from an existing photo of a room you love.  Thinking about changing your flooring?  Test out different shades of stain, different grains, and even toggle between hardwood and laminate. If you have short of ideas about home décor, take a look at this website https://manarax.com/ for useful information.


Polyvore isn’t an app like the other options, but it’s perfect for putting the finishing touches on your space. Pick out everything from photo frames, bed frames, even what candle would look best in your home. Add all your dream items in one easy frame to see how the colors work with each other.

Benjamin Moore Painting App

A paint-color switch is a perfect way to give your room a refresh without purchasing all new furniture. Before making the jump – upload a photo of your space on the Benjamin Moore Painting App.  Test out exactly what shade will be right for your room! Pro tip: If you’re feeling bored with your current color, try a statement wall! A single wall with a bold color is a great way to add a pop of personality with minimal effort. To find out how to upload a picture of my room and experiment with paint colors, visit this website: https://itvnews24.com/

Benjamin Moore Color App – Using the color Escarpment

Benjamin Moore Color App – Using the color Willow


Houzz is the one-stop-shop for all things home refresh.  Shop for pieces from their on-app store, browse through the massive gallery for inspiration, or use their handy database to contact professionals in your area. Their handy ‘advice’ and ‘story’ areas are great for first-timers too.  The advice section can guide you from how to properly hang a photo to find out what’s the best soil for your flower bed. For more information click the website https://newstable.org/

Living Room Inspiration on Houzz by Catherine Staples Interiors

Your space should be your happy place, and these tools will help you make your space as perfect as it can be! Whether you have a small studio or a sprawling home, these tools can help you spruce up your space! What other online decorating tools have you used? I would love to hear! Comment below!

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