Downsizing 101: How to Do It The Right Way


When it comes to the size of your home, is the notion, bigger is better, always true? Owning a large home can be tolling at times. They require more work and upkeep, keeping our attention away from other aspects of our lives. The extra space encourages us to fill them with things we don’t need, sometimes leading to a disorganized mess. And not to mention the sheer expense of owning a large home.

For too long, homeowners have bought into that notion that living in as much space as possible is the goal. Downsizing your home means changing your lifestyle entirely. Yet the benefits can be well worth it if you do it right. With the right planning and soul-searching, losing some square footage means you can gain more in other aspects of your life.

If you’re considering this kind of lifestyle change, read more about it in the accompanying guide!

Downsizing 101 from Pivotal Home Solutions, a home warranty company
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