How To Decorate Your Home To Look Expensive For Cheap


As a mom, interior design expert, and the blogger behind Design Post Interiors, Beth Barden knows a thing or two about creating an inspiring and functional home. Below, she shares her insight, plus how to decorate your home to look expensive for cheap.

Hi and thanks for welcoming me into Nicole’s beautiful blog! I am so excited to be here and share some of my thoughts on decorating. I am a firm believer that you can make any space pretty no matter your budget. I thrive off of creating spaces that are just as functional as they are inviting and I hope to shed a little light on how to make your place feel expensive with some of my tried and true tweaks! Here are some examples from my house and client projects.

Paint Your Walls

One of the easiest ways to decorate your home is to paint, especially if you venture into textures and pattern. The area over my fireplace always felt blank to me but I didn’t want to invest a lot of money in art. We painted stripes and it immediately became a focal point of the room. When you can’t change architectural details use paint to fake a little interest. [View my living room HERE]

Hang Curtains High

By hanging curtains even with the ceiling (or at least 10 inches higher than your window frame) it immediately gives a room height. Even the smallest spaces can feel grander by just increasing the height of your rod. You can see how I gave my living room height by hanging the rod right under the crown molding. [View my living room HERE]

Utilize Area Rugs

If you have spent any time on my blog you know that I have a serious love for area rugs! I do not feel that a room is complete without one. They add pattern, color, and texture. There are so many great options these days for scoring inexpensive rugs too so you don’t have to wait for your “forever home” to add one to your decor. One of my favorite tricks is layering rugs as well. This is a great way to cut cost also- just put down an inexpensive natural rug and layer your favorite pricey rug in a smaller size! That’s exactly what we did in my client’s library. [View the library HERE]

Use Matching Containers For Storage

Clutter is a quick way to make your house look less expensive. It detracts from any of the hard work that’s been put into decorating so don’t forget design atheistic even when it comes to storage. If you are going to add baskets to hide extra toys or bins to organize your pantry make sure they all match either in color/material or size (or both!) Now clutter is at bay while also looking well-thought out. I even utilized this tip in my mudroom to corral shoes. [View my mudroom HERE]

Change Out Hardware

Most people can’t afford to just change out furniture on a whim but that doesn’t mean you can’t change the look of it with small tweaks. One of the best ways to do this is by changing out the hardware. These knobs are really cool as well as these handles! An old piece can be brought up to date or given a little visual interest with a fresh set of knobs. I even came up with this simple DIY in my guest room! [View my guest room HERE]

Change Out Light Fixtures

Lighting is a close second to rugs! Spending time on these details is what sets a room apart. With so many inexpensive lighting sources, DIY conversion kits, and an abundance of cool options, theres really no excuse for builder basic lights! I love the capiz chandelier in my guest room and wall sconces on my landing! [View our landing space HERE]

Use Vertical Space Wisely

Space-planning is as important as accessories. Don’t just focus on the big areas…small corners can provide the perfect spot for floating shelves or a cabinet for storage. By utilizing these areas you draw the eye up and create more room for interesting accessories and design details! We took this blank wall in our dining room and added storage and display area. [View our dining room HERE]

Add Fresh Flowers

You may have noticed that I also always add some version of fresh flowers or greenery…this is another simple way to brighten up your space and it can be something as simple as a few branches cut from your yard!

All Photography – Ariana Clare Photography

I hope that you found some simple ways to make your home feel decorated even if you don’t have tons of money to spend. Take a minute, look around and see if there are some ways you can alter things to feel more expensive, more creative or maybe just more you! If you want to find more examples of how I implement these tips check out my Home Tour and Portfolio tabs. You can also shop all of my favorite home decor products HERE! Thanks so much for having me Nicole and I hope to see some new faces over at my blog and of course on social media! Come say hi!

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