Metatrader 5 Platform Features On Different Devices


Nowadays, trading has become the most common process for all people worldwide, and people are more likely to show interest in investing in trading. So, to make the trading process easy, there is a platform called MetaTrader 5, a unique and all-in-one platform for all your trading purposes. You can trade on stocks, bonds, forex, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies by using this single platform. If you are one of the active traders, it will benefit you if you opt for the MT5 download.

What is Meant by MetaTrader 5?

MetaTrader 5 is nothing but a platform or application that allows trading users to trade on stocks, forex, and futures. It is popularly known as MT5; this is an advanced online trading application that provides many benefits. This MT5 application offers top-notch tools for algorithmic trading, comprehensive price analysis, and copy trading.

The MetaTrader 5 platform or an application is essential as it helps you access the trading markets any time, anywhere. Successful trading can happen with functional and easy trading. Opt for the MetaTrader 5, the best choice for all modern traders.

For people using MetaTrader 5 platform on desktop, it offers several types of functions for a modern market trader. They are as follows:

  • Two-position account types: Standard and raw pricing
  • Complete set of trading orders for easy stocks, forex, and other securities
  • Several charts have unlimited options, 21 timeframes, and history of one-minute quotes.
  • Technical analysis, including 80 built-in analytical tools and technical indicators
  • The fundamental analysis depends on the economic calendar and financial news.
  • This is the biggest platform for instant trading applications
  • In-built Forex VPS
  • It has powerful algorithmic trading with built-in MQL5
  • A feature of alerts to monitor and update the significant market events.
  • A feature of trading signals allows you to copy the deals of professional traders.

MetaTrader 5 for iPhone or iPad:

Over a million Apple users have downloaded the MT5 application to mobile for trading, and they are experiencing the app’s advantages. The MT5 application permits you to connect with servers, brokers, currency quotes, and receive stock prices. It is simple, and you can check financial markets using technical indicators and charts, the trading becomes more effortless, and you can also explore your past trading operations. There is a list of exciting features accessible anywhere in the world at any time. Have a look:

  • In-built market analysis tools that include 24 analytical objects and 30 technical indicators
  • Trading stocks and currencies all over the world
  • There is an extended version for iPad users
  • Raw pricing and standard account types
  • 9 timeframes and 3 chart types
  • Trade orders include pending and stop orders
  • In-built chat, push notifications, alerts, and financial news

MetaTrader 5 for Android:

Try MT5 download on your android mobile to carry this trading platform wherever you want. Download this MetaTrader 5 application on your android smartphone or tablet, and then you can trade easily on stocks, futures, currencies, and options.

Here is the list of features for your android mobile or tablet. Take a glance:

  • In-built tools for technical analysis
  • Powerful and robust trading system
  • Extended version for tablets
  • There are plenty number of charts and 21 timeframes
  • Alerts, financial news, and push notifications

Final Words:

If you are a trading expert or have more interest in investing in trading, MetaTrader 5 is your ultimate choice and the best application for all your trading needs. If you still don’t have the MT5 application on your mobile, immediately download it and experience the ease of using it. To get more information on trading bitcoin cryptocurrency on Metatrader, visit this website:

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