11 ways to save hundreds of dollars every month


Let’s be real, we could all use a little wiggle room in our budget. Saving money doesn’t have to just be about investing and budgeting, there are lots of little things you can do to save hundreds of dollars every month! I’ve put together a list of 11 easy ways to save hundreds of dollars every month! (for real!)

1. DIY Projects

DIY projects aren’t just for the uber-crafty. Do you have a rip in an old pair of jeans? Sew them up rather than tossing them and purchasing new ones. Repaint old furniture to give it an updated feel. Reuse those old bottles around the house for new uses. The options are endless!

Do you enjoy Pinterest? Check out my DIY Pinterest Board for more crafty inspiration.

2. Cut Down on Your Cable Bill

Those month to month services that aren’t necessary (like cable), but are something you and your family enjoy don’t need to be cut out completely! Subscribing to streaming services like Netflix (you can sign up free for one month to try it out) , Amazon Prime , and Hulu are great alternatives. They offer an amazing range of selection!

The Amazon TV Stick is a great tool to easy way to enjoy over 4,000 channels, apps, and games including access to over 250,000 TV episodes and movies on Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO GO, Hulu, and more.

3. Shop Thrift Stores/Garage Sales

It’s true when they say, another man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Take an afternoon to dig through a thrift store or garage sale. You are bound to uncover some great clothing and furniture finds at incredibly low prices! This website ( The Thrift Shopper ) lets you search for thrift stores in your area. It is a great tool to use when traveling!

Below you will see the thrift stores around the area I live. There are reviews, hours, address, and directions for all thrift stores. You can customize it based on your location and search for thrift stores within so many miles of a certain zip code. (How neat, right?!)

4. Coupons – Rebate Apps

Check out rebate apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51 and get cash back for items you buy. Both are free apps. They offer discounts on generic items you would probably be shopping for anyway. You just need to upload a photo of your receipt.

I have been using “The Krazy Coupon Lady” website to save on items at Target & Walmart. It is a great resource and we have honestly saved hundreds (no joke!) within the last year on items we needed – either for groceries or around the house items! You don’t have to spend hours on this either. It isn’t extreme couponing or anything…:)

Below is an example of a Target deal on Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer Coupon for 0.57 cents. Easy Peasy. This website gives you detailed information on what coupons are needed to get the dollar amount down to the price indicated.

5. Create a Meal Plan [and stick to it!]

It’s amazing how much money you can save by creating a meal plan! Make a plan that utilizes a small list of ingredients so you don’t spend more money on purchasing a large variety. Pick up some cheap and easy snacks too, so you’re not tempted to order in when hungry!

We have a Google Spreadsheet created with recipes we love. Well include the link to the recipe, ingredients, and a day by day schedule of what we are having on what night of the week. This helps us both be involved in our meal plan.

This meal planning checklist and planner is also very handy. It even has a perforated shopping list section to tear off when grocery shopping! (score!)

6. Take Advantage of Rewards Programs

Your local or chain grocery/drug store probably offers great reward programs, rewarding you with discount or offer – the more you spend. Hyvee (a local grocery store has a fuel saver option when you purchase certain items.)

Pro tip: if you’re tired of carrying around all those rewards cards, there’s a free app called Key Ring where you can store them!

7. Buy Discounted Gift Cards

Cardpool.com offers a great program where people who have received gift cards are able to sell them at a discounted price! You can purchase pre-owned giftcards for up to 35% off the original price!

OR if you have gift cards you don’t plan on using – you can sell yours on this site as well.

8. Coupon Codes

Before checking out anywhere online, swing over to Retail Me Not and check if the store you’re purchasing from is offering any deals. More likely than not there is a promo code to save you a little bit of money.

9. Seasonal Buying

Did you know that certain times of year offer sales on certain items? This guide has a great rundown on when the best sales are for what items.

10. End of Season Clearance

Make use of sale season! Keep an eye on full-piece items you like and stick around till sale season. Places like Target have discounted goods/candy usually the day after a major holiday. If you wait a few more days – the discount usually is up to 70-90% off!

Same with clothes. Wait until it is almost spring or almost winter. This is when stores will be giving discounts on the prior seasons’ items for a bigger discount.

One store I love to stop in is the Dillards Clarence Outlet. There are only a couple across the nation, but their discounts are amazing. These stores are chuck full of items that weren’t sold from other Dillards’ stores . For all you local Midwest peeps – check out the outlet store in Council Bluffs Iowa! They change around the discounts every week! You can view those on their website.

11. Buy Groceries at Discounted Stores

Discount grocery stores like Aldi’s offer produce and food products at discounted rates. We also have been finding that Aldis has great discounted outdoor and kitchen items. Read more on why we shop at Aldis.

These easy tips will help you save, whether it’s for overdue bills, a special trip or saving up for the future! Do you have any tips for keeping those hard-earned dollars in the bank? I would love to hear your insights in the comment section below!

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