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The past Bridal Fashion Week in New York showed how diverse the color schemes will be in the upcoming 2023 for wedding dresses – this is a real explosion of sensuality, the most vivid emotions and femininity, and at the same time, we do not see flashy shades there – only natural colors. However, not only the color is a decisive factor, but also many other parameters that together will determine whether this or that dress suits you personally. Let’s talk about the most fashionable wedding dresses in the new season in the review from Dream Bridal Couture.

Designer Dress 2023

As always, the opinions of fashion designers on the current trends of the new wedding season differ, however, inspired by the spring of the new year, on which many hopes are placed culturally and politically, each collection is imbued with the idea of ​​peace and femininity as a symbol of eternal nature and harmony, as and a collection of wedding dresses from the Ukrainian brand with a world name Dream Bridal Couture, which you can see at the link:

So, the tendencies of a new epoch in wedding concept gives such requirement for the bridal gown:

  •       Princess’s ballgown
  •       Playful mini
  •       New colors
  •       Extremely sheer fabrics
  •       Mock neck
  •       Asymmetrical neckline
  •       Bow elements
  •       Oversized floral embroideries
  •       Two-piece looks

Blue is a new pink

Navy blue or dusty blue – over hundreds of shades for your perfect look, so that you will find your perfect one for sure. And fashionable blue is wonderfully combined with pink, gold and yellow – combinations that are also fashionable features of the new season.

Blushing pink details

Blush pink became the synonym of the word “wedding”, but in a new season it migrated to details of the bridal dress and is widely used with blue and green combinations, bringing freshness and naturality to the image.

Green green greens

Total greenness of the 2023d calls to be closer to nature, its values and principles of life, because everything passes, except love. And it doesn’t matter which green suits you best: emerald, earth or sage green – each of them hides a bottomless depth that bestows the power of nature and the wisdom of ancestors.

Among the other actual colors are:

  1. Lavender
  2. Dusty rose
  3. Orange
  4. Yellow
  5. Wine


Ukrainian brand that shapes the global wedding fashion

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