Thrifty Thursdays

  • TRASH CAN CABINET MAKEOVERThrift Shopping: One of my favorite things to do. Want to know why? You get to stumble upon amazing purchases like this one and create it however you like. We have been…by Nicole Thien
  • CHALKBOARD FILE CABINETA couple of ladies were putting on a city wide garage sale on about a month ago and I snagged up this file cabinet for $2.00. Some wear and tear, but all…by Nicole Thien
  • DIY JEWELRY STAND Yup, you guessed it – Its Thrifty Thursday again! This week has flown by! It is almost impossible to keep our bathroom organized – especially with my stuff laying around. My…by Nicole Thien
  • HAND PAINTED WOODEN SPOONS I have been eyeing these 88 cent wooden spoons at Walmart for awhile. Why not decorate these spoons? – That day has finally come! Very few supplies are needed – and…by Nicole Thien
  • 15 TIPS – BUYING & SELLING ON CRAIGSLISTIf you are looking for an easy and rewarding way to buy & sell items on the internet, there is no better option than craigslist. It is the ultimate online garage sale,…by Nicole Thien
  • FRAME IT! OLD MAP TURNED MASTERPIECEThrifty Thursday week 2: Turn this everyday object into a masterpiece for your wall, no matting needed! I have had this map laying around – and folded up (eek!) in the bottom…by Nicole Thien
  • DECORATING WITH THRIFT STORE FINDSThe thrill of the search – the hunt for decorating treasures that cost little to nothing. Searching flea markets, garage sales, & thrift stores for items to transform to your own style…
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