8 Essentials For A Timeless Wardrobe


As a mom, fashion expert, and the Midwest  blogger behind Thee Girl In Yellow,  Kasey Milner knows a thing or two about creating a strategic and fashionable wardrobe.   Below, she shares her insight, plus 8 essentials for a timeless wardrobe.

As I’m getting older {and I’d like to think wiser}, I’ve come to realize that my wardrobe is changing and always evolving, and so is my sense of style. I’m becoming more about quality pieces and less about ‘trendy’ clothing, or the ‘this probably isn’t going to last more than a few washes or wears’ type of clothing. I’m sure you know exactly what I’m referring to. I’m guilty of sometimes buying pieces that aren’t timeless, because hey, I too am not always the perfect shopper. Lately, though, I’ve been trying to ask myself one basic question before I buy yet another item to add to my closet. If you want to learn more about the latest fashion styles, visit this dedicated website https://mysqmclub.com/ for useful information.

I simply ask myself, ‘is this piece timeless?’ Meaning, will I be able to wear this piece of clothing {basically} forever? If the answer is YES to this question, then I almost always will purchase the item. Classic wardrobe pieces are a must.

So if you’re in the mind space to build yourself a timeless and lasting wardrobe, ‘Thee Girl in Yellow‘ is here to help! You truly can build a great wardrobe starting with just 8 essential pieces. Remember though, that this is just a starting point! These are just a few of my must-have essentials. So let’s start off with my 8 essentials for a timeless wardrobe below.

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The 8 Essentials:

1. (the simple) Striped Shirt
2. (the edgy) Biker Jacket
3. (the classic) Nude Flats
4. (the effortless) Chambray Denim Shirt
5. (the cozy) Cardigan
6. (the perfect) Pair of Jeans
7. (the basic) White T-Shirt
8. (the little) Black Dress

Each of these pieces is timeless. These are great basics to start building your wardrobe around. Not to mention, each essential has endless possibilities when it comes to mixing and matching within them. I’ve put together a few simple outfits based on these 8 essential wardrobe pieces I’ve highlighted above. I was able to create 6 looks all together, with 4 daytime looks and 2 night looks. These outfits were made by simply mixing and matching these wardrobe staples. It’s that easy! Building a simple, classic, timeless wardrobe is what’s key here. Make sure to check out my favorite go-to looks below, perfect for a casual day look or even a night out.

Day Looks:
Look #1: Chambray Denim Shirt + Jeans + Nude Flats
Look #2: Biker Jacket + White Tee + Jeans + Nude Flats
Look #3: Grey Cardigan + Little Black Dress + Nude Flats
Look #4: Striped Shirt + Jeans + Nude Flats
Night Looks:
Look #1: Grey Cardigan + Striped Shirt + Jeans + Nude Flats
Look #2: Biker Jacket + Little Black Dress + Nude Flats

And just like that, you too can build yourself a timeless wardrobe! These 8 essential pieces can help create a gorgeous wardrobe that will last you for years to come, and remember that this is just a starting point. There are many more simple, basic pieces that are timeless (such as a classic trench coat, black pants, and the list goes on!)

Try and stick to these simple basics though when purchasing pieces, and your wardrobe is bound to be fabulous! For more style and inspiration, head on over to my website, Thee Girl in Yellow.

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