Destination Wedding Planning: Save The Dates


It’s been almost one month exactly since I’ve shared any of my destination wedding planning details and today you’re getting another sneak peak into my planning process. Did you miss the first post? If you did don’t worry, you can check out part 1 here! So you remember Katelyn of the blog Katalina Girl, right? Katelyn is getting married just a few sort months before me in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico so we’re sharing our planning process simultaneously on our blogs. Even though we’re getting married in different cities in Mexico and five months apart, it’s been super helpful to have her to bounce ideas off and make sure we’re both not forgetting anything.

Today we’re chatting Save The Dates—well I’m giving you a glimpse of my wedding Save The Dates and she’s showing you her Invites. Here’s a little info on what we did, why and how they turned out.

How soon will you send out your Save The Dates for your destination wedding?

My plan is to send out my Save The Dates in the next couple of weeks. For Destination Weddings, it is standard to send your Save the Dates for these types of weddings up to a year in advance so people have enough time to plan to get off work, find arrangements for their kids, and/or save up for the time away.

Are you working with a travel agent?

Yes, we are currently working with a travel agent – RWD TRAVEL. They have been super helpful in this process. They have assisted me with securing the dates of our wedding as well as a room block at our Hotel: Gran Bahia Principe Tulum. This room block with guarantee rates and availability for the resort we chose.

Flights normally don’t become available until approx. 10 months before the wedding. Our invites will be going out around that time, so guests can start the booking process.

How many people are you inviting?

We are inviting approx. 300 to our wedding. This includes both friends and family. JJ and I both know that not everyone will be able to attend, but want to make it an option for these people closest to us.

Where are your Save The Dates from?

There are different ways of doing Save The Dates. We opted to get a printable version of ours (through Belle Hanah Paperie) and print them at a local print shop. They have many printable versions of Save The Dates as well as Invites, Thank-You’s, Table Numbers, and Menus.

What’s the design process like?

I contacted Belle Hanah Paperie and told them I was interested in one of their Save The Date printables. THIS one, to be exact. They emailed me back within the hour and got the design process going. I sent her the photo we wanted to use as well as our wedding information. She was able to include our wedding website + Hashtag Information.

How long did it take to get them?

After my first contact with them, it took a total of only 2 days to get the proof back. From there, I could send the file over to the local print company, Karen’s Print Rite, and have them print off as many Save The Dates as we needed.

Average cost?

Between the printable, printing, + stamps we spent a grand total of $100. We were pleased with how easy the process was and would definitely recommend Belle Hanah Paperie.

What should be in a destination wedding Save The Date?

Bride & Groom Names + Wedding Date + Resort Location/Address + Return Address (Postcard style) + Wedding Website (optional) + Wedding Hashtag (optional)

Where did you go to create a wedding website?

The Knot was where I created our wedding website. It was easy to add information + of course had a design theme that I was a fan of! You can add: Bridal Party Info, Guest Lists, Registries, Couple Details & General Information about the travel booking process.

How did you come up with your wedding hashtag?

We thought coming up with a fun hashtag would be a great idea for our wedding (the social media manager in me coming out!) Wedding Wire has a spot on their website where it generates different hashtags specific to your wedding. The generator needs general information like your names & date + location of the wedding. One of the hashtags it generated was, #meettheflosses. We thought it was creative and catchy, so we went with it!

Ways to save money?

Choosing a postcard style Save The Date allowed us to save a little bit of money on stamps. Instead of the 49 cents of a regular stamp, they are 34 cents.

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