DIY: New Nurse Survival Kit


This past weekend was a busy one. A graduation and a baby gender reveal party. My fiance and I split up so we could be present at both. I wanted to do something extra special for his sister graduation since I wasn’t able to attend. I love gift baskets – and thought it would be a fitting event to create a new nurse survival kit.

Some great things to add to your nurse survival kit:

Nurse Theme Socks || Nurse Mug || Fancy Stethoscope || Heart Beat Necklace


With the basket we got (listed below) we added some filler on the bottom so the items would stand up at various heights. This makes it easier to see all the items in the basket.



Funny Bone Pens


Gum (3 pack)


EOS Hand Lotion (3 pack)

EOS Chapstick (Trio Limited Edition)

Mini Sewing Kit

Snacks (various kinds)

“Keep Calm and Nurse On” Notebook

“Help is Here” Wine

Hand Sanitizer

Bottle of Aspirin

Fruit Infused Water Bottle

Coffee Mug – On-The-Go

First Aid Kit

Prescription Drug Mug

Not all of the products listed need to be used, but it will give you some good thoughts of what to include. These are just some ideas to get those creative juices flowin’.

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