Baby Shower Gift


Gift baskets are my favorite thing to give as presents. I figured there could be a good baby shower present to give that would offer a lot of little items that every couple could use when expecting a new baby. This is what I started with:

 I got some of these items at Target, Walmart, and surprisingly Dollar Tree. Their boxes, containers, & gift wrap are cheap and stylish ($1) – cant beat that!

I decided I was going to make a banner out of washi tape to the outside of the basket. I used some braiding cord I snagged at hobby lobby to hang the banner.


I put the whole package of diapers in the basket…somehow! Once that was in, I played around with how the rest was arranged. This is how it turned out!

You can put any phrase, saying, or the baby’s name in the banner created. I chose to use the couple’s last name – Tate. The banner reads Baby Tate. The permanent marker works great on the washi tape! Have fun creating your next baby shower gift basket! ~Nicole. For more baby shower gift ideas and inspiration, check out

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