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10 Creative Uses for Pegboard


I’ve had this thing for pegboard lately. The organization is key to life. Well, my life anyway! Since I took the plunge into my own business [ you can see what I do here ] I am in need of some items to keep me in line. I wrote about my love & need for an organizational notepad, but pegboards seem to spring up lately on Pinterest – and I can’t help but take notice.

Pegboards are clean and functional, and if creatively used in the right way – it just works. I love the clean white look, so naturally, it fits. Pegboard is used in many different ways – not just in an office! I’ve included 10 creative uses for pegboard in this post. In the nursery? Yes! In the garage? Yes! Over the bed? Yes!


What a great way to easily create a gallery wall. It’s easy to change up whenever you please. I have always wanted to create a gallery wall SOMEWHERE, but never sure exactly how I would want it. Look – problem solved! Thanks, Design Sponge for this gallery wall pegboard.

A nursery (I would think) would need a TON of organization. Not that I’m a mom, but if I were – I would need all the help I could get. This nursery pegboard even can organize diapers. SOLD.

 nursery pegboard

I love kitchen pegboard idea for so many reasons, but mainly for the fake plants. Hallelujah. I have come to realize over the last year that I really do have a brown thumb. But – I’m ok with that. Bring on the fake plants that look good year round.

Yellow + Black + White organized Pegboard. What a great color combo. Everything so nice and orderly. Hang calendars. Hang Craft Tools. Hang plants.

Yellow + Black + White organized Pegboard

With this kitchen pegboard, you would be able to move all cookware and utensils to easy access on the wall. No more struggling to pull a pan out of the cupboard now.

kitchen pegboard

Bright and colorful. This yellow pegboard is just the pop this little desk needed. Better Homes & Gardens always has the best home decor designs. Pegboards included.


A unique (cut-it-yourself) pegboard letter by Rue Rococo. Perhaps we need to make an “F” for Floss (come next summer that is!)

A sideboard with pegboard doors. Genius. This is from Home Base Collections (I absolutely love). Creative and a cheap solution for doors.


Workspace Pegboard Station: This space is so versatile and the colors are exactly what I would want in my own office.

This copper headboard pegboard has got me swooning. What a great addition to this bedroom. I’m tellin’ ya – pegboards can be used in a hundred different ways.


Have you ever thought about using a pegboard for organizing? Would you try any of these ideas?

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