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Wine Bottle Decorating

Empty wine bottles laying around? Perfect DIY project for you!  We not only have extra bottles around, but also extra corks (which will be another post here soon – stay tuned)


What you’ll need:

But first, before I get started – coffee! It is a must while crafting. Don’t mind if I do!

Acrylic paint is the best to use when painting glass.  I have heard that rubbing alcohol should be used on the glass before any paint is applied to the bottle.  I have always done without, and it works beautifully!

Don’t make the same mistake I did – you will only need 2 little bottles of acrylic paint.  I hardly even touched the large bottle of black acrylic paint that I bought. Once they are painted  – you can let them dry for about an hour.


Had a little company while painting (maverick, our dachshund!) Neither him – or his brother leave my side for very long!

I painted the white lettering “Eat, Drink, & Be Merry” by hand, but you can most certainly use a stencil if that helps you.

After the letters are painted, let that dry for about 30 min.  To seal in the paint, I used a clear acrylic coating spray. I thought some lace would add a nice little touch on the top of the bottle rim. Mod Podge is seriously a magical glue.   I swear by it.  I used the foam sponge to apply the mod podge to the lace.

Mod Podge dries within the minute and works on so many different surfaces.  Add any flowers you want to the wine bottles and voila!

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