I have been curious about this world of juicing for awhile now. I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I don’t eat as many vegetables or fruits I should in a day – that is for sure, so juicing really helps provide all the nutrients I was missing out on before.  I had been a big fan of all the green juices you can buy at coffee shops and grocery stores.  But my oh my, this juicer quickly converted me over.

Juicers can range from $20 – to $300 +. I got mine as a Christmas Gift, but did a lot of reviews on it afterward. It might not be on the high end of that budget, but works like a charm. I would definitely recommend my Black & Decker Juicer. Its inexpensive and very powerful to juice a lot of fruits/vegetables at once.

What to buy:  You will need a base when juicing. The fruits/vegetables that produce more of a volume I have found are: kale, carrots, cucumbers, & celery.  From there, you can add other fruits that add more vitamins in the mix. These can be – beets, lemons, cuties, and/or berries. Spices/herbs will add that extra flavor to your drink.  My favorite spice to add is ginger root.

I was pretty surprised at how many ingredients it takes to make a full glass. It can be a little expensive once you add all the ingredients up, but it is worth it in the end.


2 beets + 5 cuties + 1/2 cucumber + ginger root

First time around making this recipe, the cucumber taste was overwhelming.  Your first time around, even 1/4 of a cucumber might be just the right amount!

I am excited to try new recipes. I’d love to hear about your juicing experiences! ~Nicole

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