Instant Coffee Hack Every Coffee Drinker Should Try


I start pretty much (ok….every) day off with a big cup of coffee….or 2. Most business owners do, right?! It’s pretty much lady boss fuel in a cup. Am I right? Fall is here my friends and to celebrate we need to start getting creative with our coffee choices. I’m a serious lover of the little hacks that can keep me more productive during the day. One of my favorite things is finding tasks I do every day and figuring out how to be more efficient doing them. This instant coffee hack every coffee drinker should try.

I always – without fail make the same black coffee day in and day out. It has treated me good and I get my daily dose of caffeine. BUT it is time consuming. Cleaning out the pot is a task I’ve never really enjoyed (to be honest!) Plus I always end up with either too little or too much coffee at the end of the day.

I came across Nescafe’s Taster’s Choice Coffee Challenge and thought I would give it a whirl for the week! I wanted to see how much time it would save me – as well as testing out the taste of the coffee! I am pretty picky about my coffee, but I decided I would try anyways.

The challenge involved switching out our typical coffee routine with the NESCAFÉ® Taster’s Choice® instant stick packs. These cute packets, filled with 1.7oz of well-crated coffee granules that make 8oz of coffee, make sticking to my morning routine super simple and consistent. I just packed 4 of the stick packs in my purse and BOOM, I had them on the go whenever I needed them.

Directions For Instant Coffee

  1. Pour the contents of your Instant Packet into your coffee mug
  2. Add 8 oz of water
  3. Stir to mix in the coffee well
  4. Enjoy! It’s really that simple!

If it’s too strong – just add a little more water! If it’s too weak – just add a little bit more coffee! Super Simple! What a great coffee hack, am I right?

NESCAFÉ® Taster’s Choice® Coffee offers 6 delicious flavors of instant coffee (hazelnut being my favorite!) and 2 different roasts. There is definitely a flavor for everyone! Hazelnut is by far my favorite so far! I have a couple more flavors to try! Be sure to learn more about them and what flavors they offer at a store near you and start taking advantage of this instant coffee hack.

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